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DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Kit

Have a couple of campers in the family that love roughing it? Or maybe your crew is the cuddle-by-the-fire type? Either way, you can gift them sophisticated fireside comforts with this hot chocolate kit that will last the whole winter. From peppermint stick stirrers to outdoor sparklers, this kit is full of essential ingredients that take your usual hot cocoa to the next level. The best part? They are left with a metal lunchbox they can repurpose or use on their next camping trip.

See below for the step-by-step guide to easily re-create our DIY hot chocolate kit.



  1. Layer burlap ribbon in the bottom of the lunchbox.
  2. Stack chocolate tins together and lay on top of burlap, pulling burlap a bit if need be.
  3. Fold hand towel and place inside lid.
  4. Fill plastic tubes with peppermint sticks, marshmallow stirrers and place on top of towel.
  5. Lock top clasp (typically holds a thermos), add sprigs of greenery.
  6. Layer firecrackers on top of chocolate, close and tie a ribbon around the handle.

Happy gifting!

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