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Ever Wonder How Moms Do It All?

Mom to Annabelle (and a baby boy on the way!), birth doula and founder of Full Circle Doula Cooperative gives us an intimate peek into her typical, yet ever-changing, day.

6:30 a.m.: Wake up! Go downstairs and turn on the kettle.

7:30 a.m.: My 3-year-old Annabelle (or "Birdie" as I call her) typically wakes up and we take our morning bath together.

8:00 a.m.: Breakfast with Annabelle (usually waffles or a hardboiled egg).

8:15 a.m.: Get Birdie off to preschool, and get breakfast with my husband. We talk about our work plans for the week. He is a night shift nurse at Boulder Community Health, and we both work nights sometimes! We live a very unconventional lifestyle, and while at times it can be so stressful, we wouldn't have it any other way. If my husband, Aaron, worked the night before, he is usually home already in bed, and I go to my mom's house for a visit. We usually leave to go on a hike together, and now that it's the holidays, we get our eggnog (mine is decaf) for our walk and chat together.

11 a.m.: Pick Annabelle up from preschool and get lunch at Alfalfa's, a nearby grocery store that sells local produce.

12:30 p.m.: Annabelle and I do a project of some kind at home, and I try to get chores done around the house.

2:00 p.m.: I typically have a postpartum client from 2-6 p.m. I see postpartum clients and help them troubleshoot sleep issues, breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding questions, positions, etc. We also talk through the emotional journey of motherhood, and sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we sit in the comfortable silence that exists between mothers.

6:00 p.m.: Home! Often to kiss my husband goodbye for the night as he heads off to work.

6:30 p.m.: Annabelle and I eat dinner together, and we head upstairs for books and bedtime.

7:30 p.m.: Annabelle is asleep, and I get to come downstairs and have some alone time. Mostly, I clean up the kitchen, and put the kettle on for some honey and lemon tea time. One of my favorite things to do now is to have fresh flowers around the house; I like to arrange them as I process my day. It's both meditative as well as creative.

9:00 p.m.: I get cozy in bed with Annabelle, and we head to dreamland together.

"All things that are in this day can get completely rearranged if I get called to a birth! Day or night, I am on call to help bring babies in the world!" —Kerry Stokes

Photo via Olive Bee Photography

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