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10 Questions To Ask Before Boarding a Plane With Your Baby

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So you've finally made the momentous decision to get on an airplane with your baby. You've been dreading it, but here goes.

Now what?

There are a lot of variables in parenting, and flying with your baby is no exception. Before you book and board, ask yourself the following key questions. The answers may just save your sanity on that first-ever mommy & me flight.

1. Are you really ready for this?

Are you really sure about this? Are you going to be able to pack everything you need without having a panic attack in the air? Are you ready to hold a crying child for the next three hours? (In case you needed reassurance, the answer is yes. It won't be as bad as you think.)

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2. Can you really have fun on a trip with a baby?

Yes, yes you can. Just like you have fun at home with your child, you can also have fun when you travel. Babies are great, because they sleep on the go and won't slow you down like toddlers, who need a bed and a story to pass out.

3. Can you handle the unexpected?

Murphy's Law of parenting, when it comes to traveling with a baby, is that if it can happen it will happen. You will be spit up on, spilled on and peed on. It will happen. Let it go. Pack an extra shirt in your carry on and just deal.

4. Can you deal with people looking at you?

Because they will look. Most will be happy, but you will get a few annoyed stares that say "How dare you continue to live your life after having a child. Don't you know this is my precious naptime in the middle seat at the back of the plane?"

5. Should you buy a seat?

This is a personal choice for parents. Do you want to spend the extra cash on a seat for the baby and bring your carseat on board? Or are you comfortable holding the baby in your lap? Only you can decide this one.

If you can buy it at home, you can buy it there. I promise.

6. Do you really need that?

When it comes to packing, less really is more. Remember, you can buy more diapers, wipes and baby food after you land. You don't need to pack a week's worth. You can also do laundry at your hotel or rental.

7. To check or not to check?

Make life easier for yourself and check your bags and car seat (unless you bought a ticket for your baby, and she will be strapped in her carseat). Gate check your stroller so you have it in the airport. Carry on your diaper bag and baby carrier. This really is all you will need.

8. What do you put in a diaper bag?

Change of clothing for you and baby, bottles and formula if you use them, diapers and wipes for two days, three small toys, a swaddling blanket, baby carrier and food to last you two to three days in case of delays.

9. What can you buy there?

Everything, especially if you are staying state side. Diapers, food, wipes, extra clothing when the baby grows a few inches in a week. If you can buy it at home, you can buy it there. I promise.

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10. Am I insane for trying this?

No. Thousands of parents take to the skies with their offspring every year. You are not alone. Once you get through your first flight, you will be a pro. On your return flight home, you will wonder what the fuss was all about.

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