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Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Best Beauty Secret

Photograph by Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez can rock a dress that most women half her age wouldn't have the confidence to wear and let's not even get started about her amazing body. But her youthful looks — at age 46 — are what have women everywhere wondering what she does to maintain such an ageless face.

The famous mom, singer, actress and entrepreneur has gotten even busier than usual, taking on her first role on a TV show in 2016 where she'll play single mom and detective Harlee Santos on NBC's police drama "Shades of Blue." And Jan. 20, she kicks off her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. So this mom has no time to mess around!

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But how does the powerhouse mom maintain her youthful looks with all her work and chasing 7-year-old twins Max and Emme? She told ET her secret to success is getting lots of beauty rest!

"You will fall down at a certain point, and mommies can't do that," she told ET. "Mommies have to be good for the babies at all times. They need to know that you're solid and strong and good. Sleep is very important. I get my seven to eight hours sleep, no matter what."

Lopez admitted with the filming schedule for the show, she's got such a packed scheduled that she has less time to spend at the gym — and she doesn't sacrifice time with her kids to get to the gym either. "I have to see them because if I don't see them and they don't see me, then it's not happiness," Lopez said, even if it means the kids come to the set to spend time with her.

We can't wait to see the premiere of Jennifer Lopez's new show, "Shades of Blue," which debuts with a two-hour episode January 14 on NBC at 9/8 p.m. Central. The show was greenlighted two years ago and is a production partnership between Lopez and American Idol colleague Ryan Seacrest.

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