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Alone on Christmas? Grandpa's Not Having Any of That

The German grocery store chain Edeka has brought us all down for the holidays with a video ad that has gone viral. With nearly than 27 million views, we parents learn (1) what our busy lives are doing to our own parents and (2) what's in store for us when we're old.

Basically, it's a no-win situation. Unless? You resort to extremes.

Opa (German for "Grandpa") isn't going to sit through another meal without being surrounded by his highly accomplished kinder. But how to tear them away from their jobs, their families, their own comfy lives?

By faking his death.

The kids come running, everyone remembers how much they enjoy each others' company. No hard feelings. A real win for Opa!

For those of us separated from our far-flung families for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's—the big holidays of the winter season?

Well, there's always next year. Just don't check the mail.

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