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What Happens When a Mom Gets Ahold of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Sure, 'tis the season of giving and all that. But what about Mom? For all the love, support, nose-wiping and sandwiches made with crusts removed, moms deserve a bit of pampering this holiday season. But what to get? We've got the The Christmas Book 2015 from Neiman Marcus to the rescue.

For the mom who loves to play the back nine, this set of racy red gold clubs is a must-have. Keep them in the trunk for those occasions when a pick-up game of golf breaks out between the PTA meeting and your weekly Target run.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a golfer. Even miniature golf is a stretch of my ability to focus for on something longer than an episode of "Scandal". But these clubs might come in handy the next time the kids throw the soccer ball on the roof or the neighbor's dog poops in the yard. Fore!

"Her wardrobe is a three-dimensional journal representing the most remarkable moments of her life. With this one-of-a-kind Couture Diary, artist Abigail Vogel will hand paint 20 of the recipient's treasured ensembles." —Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

What more would a modern mom love than a permanent record of her most treasured ensembles? Certainly the pea-soup stained too skinny jeans paired with the classic T-shirt from your college sorority days should be preserved for future generations. Or what about the time you forgot that Wednesday is early-release day and raced to the school pick-up line in those see-through Lululemon yoga pants rescued from the hamper paired with rain boots, flannel pajama top and a messy ponytail? Somebody needs to document these epic outfit choices.

He faced the day with vim and vigor, as if even an overdose of whimsy and silliness couldn't ruin his day. His brave face mirrored that of the coyote who gave his life to provide manly trim for this incredible hat.

OK, this one is a no-brainer. What better gift for Mom than the gift of laughter? Forget the man bun, the man cap is where it's at. When your man dons this incredible piece it will be nothing short of a laugh fest. Bonus points that it doubles as that Furby the kids keep asking for. A win/win for sure.

Why be the all-business mom on the first grade field trip? Stella McCartney lends a bit of whimsy to Mom's BFF—her cell phone—and reminds her that even adulting can be fun.

Um, hello? While this iPhone 6 case is pretty adorable, any mom worth her weight in parenting skills knows the very first thing a kid will do with this phone when you aren't looking. And I am pretty sure your phone won't survive the underwater excursion in the toilet.

With the wind in her hair and a badass pair of heels on her feet she felt fearless and free... until the yard duty told her there were no skateboards allowed on campus and she needed to wait in the carpool line like the other moms.

Where could YOU go with this awesome contraption? Forget boring walks with the dog or hours spent sitting on the sidelines of the soccer field. Every mom needs to feel the wind in her hair and to feel a wee bit reckless—hence the 5-inch stilettos. But you might want to carry your insurance card, just in case your badass self winds up in the urgent care center.

Let your inner tail feathers fly with this limited-edition peacock figurine with hand-set Swarovski crystals—only 20 are available. Perfect for the table in your foyer or as a grand statement on the buffet table.

This $28,000 keepsake would be the perfect thing for any mom—but especially a mom with boys around the house. How many times has an epic LEGO Star Wars battle broken out without a proper target? Better yet, imagine the peacock in flight, taking on the role of a spaceship from a strange planet filled with exotic creatures. Bonus points for this gift because it would also make a killer back scratcher.

"'More is more, less is a bore!' is the style mantra of 93-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel. This ikat-embellished trunk comes filled with vintage finds and accessories handcrafted by women globally and inspired by her own personal collection." —Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Who doesn't love Iris Apfel? I mean seriously, she is an inspiration to 90-something women everywhere. Be who you are, live a little, wear eclectic stuff and stick out in a crowd. This is the perfect gift for the mother of tweens or teens who doesn't want to fade into the background as her kids get older and become more independent. Nobody can ignore this punchy in-your-face fashion trend—especially your kids' friends. Bonus points if your sudden craziness takes you out of the running for PTA president. Oh, bummer.

She moves with the grace of a ballerina on stage—or maybe it's the wind collecting under her poncho and surprising her with a sudden burst of chill. This silk poncho from Italy adds a bit of punch to your weekday routine.

I need this poncho. Seriously, how much fun is she having in this thing? Makes me rethink my black fleece pullover covered in a layer of dog hair. This poncho would take my Bunco Night fashion sense up several notches—and could also double as a picnic blanket for those trips to the park when I just need to lie down and nap. Because Bunco.

"World view exploration at the edge of space. You and five companions will experience 360-degree views of Earth as a high-altitude balloon lifts your luxury pressurized capsule 100,000 feet above our planet." —Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

What's not to love? Most moms would do anything for a few minutes alone, which usually involves simply closing the bathroom door. But to the edge of space? Imagine the quietness. Best gift ever.

Limited-edition Waterford Crystal "12 Days of Christmas" champagne flutes. Bring elegance and grace to any table setting with this exclusive set of glassware.

Remember how it felt to drink adult beverages from actual crystal? Like back before babies? Once sippy cups and non-breakable things take over your dining room you lose a bit of the flavor—and elegance—of your meal. Bring sexy back with these gorgeous flutes, perfect for anything from apple juice to Dom Perignon. And at $2,000 per set you won't be afraid to bring them out for everyday occasions, either. Say goodbye to BPA and plastic sippy cups and hello to class.

What's on your mom wish list this year?

Images via Neiman Marcus

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