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Changes You Don't Want to Make in 2016

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On December 31, we all close one chapter in our life and open another for 2016. Now is about the time people start planning resolutions. Even though I don't believe in resolutions per se, I do believe you can drastically change your life. As someone who made big changes this year, I know it's possible.

The biggest resolutions mistake people make is setting goals that are too broad. Here are some of the biggest resolutions no-no's and some ideas on what you can do instead. Get ready to kick off the year you're envisioning just right.

No: "Get healthy"

Yes: Set concrete, healthy practices

Our health matters more to us each year. Plenty of us want to become healthier, but this is too broad a goal. You'll have more success by committing to concrete healthy practices. For instance, resolve to drink 9 cups (2 liters) of water per day and track your intake for the month of January. You could also commit to taking a multivitamin, join a fitness class at your local gym or studio, or start tracking your food habits on the popular MyFitnessPal app.

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No: "Lose weight"

Yes: Get stronger

The desire to lose weight is often fueled by a sense of insecurity about our bodies. But striving to change your body from a place of body-insecurity makes your journey much harder. Start from a place of self-love. Also, reframe the goal. Forget about losing weight. Let's aim to get stronger and more agile while learning more about the foods that can power you through the day. Find an activity that you truly find fun—yoga, spin, running, weightlifting, etc. Your whole concept of fitness might change.

No: "Work on my marriage"

Yes: Schedule the first date of the new year with your spouse

Those of us who are married go through ups and downs as we balance life, work and parenting. But let's not forget what got us into all this: love. Rather than make a broad resolution to work on your marriage, take first steps to reconnecting. Here's the secret: never stop. My marriage is replenished by those moments where we rise above the chaos. Dates—even at-home ones—are crucial. Agree together on what to do on your first date night of 2016.

No: "Be a better mom"

Yes: Appreciate the ups and downs of motherhood

Sometimes it feels like we're all in a race to be not just the best mom we can be, but the best mom, period. Stop this in 2016! Instead of making a promise to be a better mom, commit to understanding that motherhood will always have it's ups and downs. In the new year, don't be your harshest critic.

No: "Make a career move"

Yes: Create a timeline of first steps for your goal

Many moms will want to make a career move in 2016—getting a new job, becoming a SAHM or starting a side venture. The best way to approach this goal is to set up a timeline for the earliest steps. This might mean forming a new budget, saving up a certain amount of money, working on your resume and cover letters, or starting a new site for your business. Start these first steps in January and watch your progress grow.

No: "Travel more"

Yes: Plan your first family vacation of 2016

It doesn't have to be extravagant. But if you want to travel more, getting started matters or else you'll find yourself with the same resolution this time next year. Who's up for a road trip or a short flight?

No: "I want to do some charity work"

Yes: Start now by finding out what your local shelters need the most

Helping others without expecting anything in return is one of the greatest things any person can do. But there's no need to wait for 2016. Many worthy causes need help now, especially during the holidays. Find out if your local homeless or domestic violence shelters are in need of gifts for the children of families seeking help there.

No: "Be less stressed"

Yes: Take your first yoga class

Nothing has helped me feel better than yoga and meditation. I work out my stress in vinyasa class and leave with plenty of endorphins. While yoga might not be for everyone, many people feel equally replenished by an active lifestyle. Book your first session and try it for yourself.

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No: "Spend less time on Facebook"

Yes: Deleting Facebook

Hate how much time you spend on Facebook? I'm pretty sure a billion people (about the number of monthly users) feel the same. If social media is dragging you down, delete Facebook. Just delete it. In fact, it seems like the cool thing to do now. Remember the time before people were tethered to their phones? You can have that again.

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