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5 Ways to Treat Yo'Self This Christmas

Photograph by Twenty20

The holidays are so crazy around here. And even as much as I try to simplify and remember the reason for the season, I still find myself stressing out over Christmas shopping, family photos, decorating the house, and more. Moms especially are working overtime during this season, staying up late whether it's to construct scenes for Elf on the Shelf, put together Advent activities, or wrap presents.

During this "most wonderful time of the year" I'm pretty sure that moms are more drained than anyone. The hustle and bustle has us busier than we already are, leaving us downright spent. Activities that are supposed to feel magical and memorable leave us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

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I finally know now what I need when I feel those moments of tension and frustration coming on. It's often not enough to take a deep breath or count my blessings. What I need, is a little ME time. I need to relax, put up my feet, and do something just for me to remind myself that I am a human, a person, with needs. I need to do a little something to remind myself that I am not Superwoman.

1. Turn Christmas shopping into a date. When shopping becomes a burdensome task, you know you're doing it wrong. Shopping should be pleasant. It should be fun to pick out gifts for the people you love the most. Drop the kids off with Grandma or a neighbor or whoever and take your spouse on a little shopping date. Avoid the mall and the big box stores. Shop downtown. Go into those cute boutiques and stores you never get to when the kids are around. Grab a hot coffee from your favorite cafe. Have a lunch date at a place without a kid's menu.

2. Buy yourself a present. I mean it. Everything is on sale and you're the one buying most everything, so go ahead and treat yourself to something. Maybe a holiday dress to wear to a few Christmas parties. Maybe a new pair of pajamas you know will get lots of use. Gifting yourself a little something special is something you should never feel guilty about.

Don't clean. Don't do laundry. Just put your feet up. Sit by the Christmas tree and read that book you've been wanting to read.

3. Get your nails did. I can't afford to regularly keep up a fancy manicure, but I do love to get my nails done. Christmas and my birthday are always perfect times to make an appointment. An hour to relax and be pampered does wonders for me, plus I walk away with super cute festive nails.

4. Treat yo'self to some fancy food. Food is one of my favorite ways to celebrate. And while wrapping presents or staying up late to get things ready for the next day aren't always my favorite things to do, they are so much more enjoyable when I've got a little treat to enjoy. Whether it's Bailey's for your coffee, red wine to help you wind down at the end of the day, or a little chocolate and goat cheese as a midnight snack, a little festive food can go a long way!

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5. Kick everyone out of the house. I realize this sounds a little Scrooge, but it's not. Send your husband and the kids off to do something fun and Christmasy. Enjoy an hour of silence at home by yourself. Don't clean. Don't do laundry. Just put your feet up. Sit by the Christmas tree and read that book you've been wanting to read. Take a hot bath without worrying about your 3 year-old coming in to go #2. Blast some Christmas music and drink a glass of wine while you enjoy a solo dance party in your living room. You're not a Scrooge. You're taking care of you.

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