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Ever Wonder How Moms Do It All?

Mom of two and owner of Antonia Christianson Events.

6:30 a.m.: I wake up and shower.

7 a.m.: Wake my boys up and get them dressed.

7:10 - 7:35 a.m.: At the table for breakfast while packing bookbags and making sure appropriate weather attire is there for them to slip on—it is Virginia. We can have four seasons in one day! Brush teeth, put on shoes, etc.

7:35 a.m.: Out the door to the bus stop for our youngest. Our oldest practices the cello and studies notes for any quizzes or tests he might have while I put on my makeup and get ready for my day in the studio.

8:40 a.m.: Out the door to the bus stop for our oldest (and for me to head to the planning studio).

9 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.: Pedal to the metal. Focus on my planning and design firm, meeting with clients, returning phone calls, daily tasks of running a business.

2:40 p.m.: Back at the bus stop to pick up my youngest.

2:45 p.m.: We work on homework together. His for school, mine for clients. My dining room table becomes the ACE headquarters for the next few hours so I can focus on being a mom and entrepreneur at the same time.

4 p.m.: Back to the bus stop for my oldest. Again, I continue to multitask, helping with their homework while my youngest typically reads a book. I help my oldest with homework, and if available, work on computer projects. I never take calls during this time so that I can be available to my boys and stop what I'm doing at the drop of a hat. (And If I'm lucky, a load of laundry gets thrown in, too!)

4:45 p.m.: Snack time for my boys.

5 p.m.: Wrapping up anything left to do at the house so we can head to extracurricular activities.

5:30 - 7:30 p.m.: Wrestling practice! There is no Wi-Fi at their practice gym, so I typically take a few projects with me that don't require Internet and knock them out at this time, like client-planning checklists or itineraries. It's two hours of relative quiet, with no phones and Internet, where I can focus on getting these details created for my clients!

7:45 p.m.: Cook dinner while the kids shower.

8:45 p.m.: Bedtime for the boys.

9 p.m.: Unwind time for my husband and me (and bed, soon after).

Photo via Antonia Christianson

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