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Firecracker Bites

I got this recipe from Hooiser Homemade, but adapted it a little bit. I put the bites in the freezer for about 2 hours before I frosted them so that the ingredients would set. I used my zip-top bag trick for both the pudding filling and the whipped cream on top. (I don't have any bakery tools, so I just put the toppings in a zip-top bag, cut off one of the bag's tips and then squeezed out the pudding or the whipped cream through the hole. It made it easier to control, and it looked a lot better than if I'd just used a spoon to plop the filling and topping on.) It was also important to cut the licorice into 1-inch bits—otherwise, they fell out of the whipped cream. I really like this dessert—it was easy to make, with simple and inexpensive ingredients, and they end up looking so unique.


8 ounces cream cheese

1 cup cold milk

1 small package of instant vanilla pudding

1 1/2 cup thawed whipped topping

1 box vanilla wafers


Red licorice


1. In a large bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth, slowly adding milk.

2. Add dry pudding mix and beat together for 2 minutes.

3. Whisk in one cup of the whipped topping.

4. Put the pudding mix in a frosting bag (or use my zip-top bag trick) and squeeze about a teaspoon or so onto a vanilla wafer. Keep going until you run out of pudding mix, then top each one with another wafer to make a sandwich.

5. Put the sandwiches on a tray and freeze for about 2 hours.

6. Once the sandwiches have set, squeeze a little bit of whipped topping on top of each one.

7. Decorate with sprinkles and a 1-inch piece of licorice.


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