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Flag Fruit Kebabs

Admission: I chose this "dessert" to make because I. Suck. At. Cooking. And ... I still had to have a friend come over to help me with the recipe.

That said? It wasn't so bad.

I actually didn't even have a recipe to follow—just this picture from Party City. That's right, I invented a recipe all on my own. OK, I was so scared to make a mistake that I counted each and every banana out to make sure it exactly matched the flag in the picture but ... still. Credit, please.

If you're a more confident cook than me, feel free to adapt this recipe to your taste (or to the size of your skewers—I cut all of my wooden skewers with a knife so they'd fit four rows of bananas and three rows of strawberries ... neurotic, yes). You could use raspberries instead of strawberries, or blackberries instead of blueberries ... or, if you're feeling really adventurous, marshmallows instead of bananas. And, with bigger skewers, you could make an even larger flag. Go crazy with it!


Strawberries (1 carton)

Bananas (about 3)

Blueberries (1 carton—you'll have leftovers)


1. Slice your strawberries in half, and cut off the green stems.

2. Cut your bananas into half-inch or so slices.

3. Start skewering your fruit: Alternate strawberries and bananas, and then on the skewers that make up the left third of the flag, use blueberries for the top half. (My neurotic flag uses 10 skewers in all. The left four skewers have a strawberry, a banana, a strawberry, a banana, and then five blueberries. The right six skewers have a strawberry, a banana, a strawberry, a banana, a strawberry, a banana and a strawberry.)

4. Arrange your skewers in a flag shape. It helps to line up the skewers as you go so that you can make sure everything is falling into place correctly.


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