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10 Must-Try Hacks to Organize Your Craft Supplies

When it comes to craft supplies, it's important to see what you have so you know what have to work with. Here are 10 "I can do that" hacks that will allow more time for being creative rather than searching for that perfect color of washi tape. (It's around here somewhere.)

1. Embroider This: Wrap your extra embroidery thread around a clothespin. Stop it from unraveling by holding the end in place with the clothespin's clasp. Get the how-to at Craft and Creativity.

2. Pin It: Stop losing all of your straight pins by keeping them in one cute place. Put batting under a scrap piece of fabric then frame it. Get the how-to at Craftaholics Anonymous.

3. Craft Paint Cubbies: The tough part about storing craft paint is that it's so hard to see what colors you have. Place them in a cubby bookcase backwards so you can pick the right shade you've been looking for. Get the how-to at Uncommon Designs.

4. Art Paint: Tubes of paint are a different beast from the bottles of craft paint. Check out this ingenious idea of clipping the paint to binder clips. Get the how-to from Diana Dellos.

5. Washi Tape: All you need are 3M hooks and wooden dowels to keep your washi tape nice, neat and totally in sight. Get the how-to at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

6. Mark It Up: When you're an artist, not being able to find the perfect color for your project is like having a flat tire. You feel stranded and desperate. Here's a solution that will solve all of your problems. PVC piping cut and glued together provides the perfect storage space for your markers. Get the how-to at Plain Angela.

7. File Your Fabric: If you keep your fabric stored away in a box, you have know idea what you have. Here's a nifty trick that will inspire you to design your next "Project Runway" style. File your fabric in a drawer. Get the how-to at The Thinking Closet.

8. So Spicy and Organized: Recycle an old spice rack, paint it white to modernize it and then fill the jars with buttons and other small crafting knick knacks. Get the how-to at Away We Go.

9. A Crochet Idea: Use a wine rack to store your yarn. Place them in rainbow colored order and you also create an art piece. Get the-how to at Repeat Crafter Me.

10. Ribbon Rules: Use foam board to interest the drawers of an Ikea Alex drawer. Then wrap your ribbon around foam pieces. Then place inside the drawer. What you'll have is your very own OCD dream come true. Get the how-to at AOK's Paper Stuff.

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