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Study Says Women With Children Are Smarter

Photograph by Twenty20

Working moms take note: Although we all joke that our memory is never the same after having kids, a new study says having a baby can actually improve your cognitive function, making you a better employee.

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Emotional resilience, efficient decision-making and better strategic problem-solving skills are some of the traits mothers in the study exhibited. With this newfound ability to better handle stress, women can advance their careers and be more productive employees, according to the research.

Despite the fact that previous research found that the brain can shrink up to 7 percent during pregnancy — hence the term "pregnancy brain," which is a very real thing — as new moms grow into motherhood, their brains begin to "employ strategic methods of managing stress and exercising judgment and empathy" that women who are not mothers don't quite have just yet.

The parts of the brain that affect reasoning, judgment and empathy actually expand as a mother adjusts to caring for the demands of an infant, research shows. This makes moms especially well-suited to cope with workplaces stressors in comparison to other employees, as well as being more creative at problem-solving.

Who knew that bargaining with your baby to get a little extra shuteye or your brilliant negotiating skills with your toddler could help you get ahead at work?

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