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The Evolution of Date Night

Photograph by Twenty20

Around here, the words "date night" don’t get said too often. We try, but it’s hard to sneak away from the little ones and give each other our undivided attention. When we do, we always try to make great, but I realize “date night” can evolve—and that’s OK. Love can continue to grow.

The goal is to keep smiling, keep kissing, embrace time together whenever you can get it and stay in love while in the trenches of parenthood. Through the noise, through life’s struggles, let the definition of “date night” evolve.

Here is a little walk through date nights past, present and future.

Oh, he’s cute!

We meet. We talk. We can’t stop smiling.

He asks me to dinner.

We eat. We talk some more. I really like him.

He takes me home.

Will he try to kiss me?

He doesn’t. Not until the third date.

We go to movies and hold hands in the dark.

I feel butterflies and anxiety.

We kiss.

We fall in love.

We spend all of our time together.

Nothing outside of our world is visible.

We talk about the future and dream.

What if he asks me to marry him?

He does. I say yes.

We get married.

Every night is date night.

Through the noise, through life’s struggles, let the definition of 'date night' evolve.

We’re young and broke, but love leaves us invincible.

Love grows.

Baby No. 1 arrives. We can’t stop staring.

We never sleep.

We don’t dare leave baby with anyone.

Baby joins us on date night.

Baby becomes a toddler and is no longer allowed on date night.

Toddler never sleeps, so neither do we.

Baby No. 2 joins the family.

More joy, even less sleep.

When was the last time we held hands?

Dressing up is traded in for dressing for comfort (or wearing what fits!).

Date night sometimes means takeout and a movie at home.

We kiss quickly in passing.

Kids, jobs and adulthood take over our waking hours.

If there is a night out, we talk about the kids.

Sometimes date night is grocery shopping together.

Sometimes date night is moved to a date morning or a quick lunch.

Work calls interrupt.

The kids’ needs interrupt.

Conversations halt due to sleep depravity.

Memories of what life used to be leave us wondering if we’re OK.

We remember we’re evolving as a couple as we grow as individuals.

“Dating” each other is important for our kids to see.

We continue to try.

When was our last real date night?

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