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Shopping List for the Mom Who Wins Powerball

Tonight, the lucky Powerball numbers will be drawn and $1.5 billion, a record-breaking jackpot, is up for grabs.

If you're the big winner, you should really hire the best financial planners your newfound money can afford (or, you know, buy a financial planners company). But on the offhand chance you don't, I've got you covered with a list of ridiculous things for you and the kids to include on a spree, now that money has lost all meaning.

1. Gucci diaper bag


Remember when you had to carry around a vile nylon diaper bag? Well forget that. Whoever's changing your baby (I'm assuming it's no longer you) needs to be carrying this Gucci leather diaper bag. Price tag: $3,350. Bamboo handles and plain cream exterior are too charming to pass up. You don't even have to worry about putting your bag on a dirty floor, because you're simply never going to a place with a dirty floor ever again.

2. Cheval Blanc St. Barts


You used to think opening a $10 bottle of wine and watching Netflix was a getaway. Now you can hang out at Cheval Blanc in St. Barts for as long you like. Careful though, you might run into a Kardashian (preschooler playdates!). This luxe destination offers chef-prepared kid meals, on-call art teachers, family snorkeling and even a mermaid adventure. Just $3,000 per night for a two-bedroom suite with private pool.

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3. Emotive Robot

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Hammacher Schlemmer

Who needs real feelings when, for $65,000, you can buy artificial ones? Add this emotive robot to your family. It expresses five feelings—happy, confused, angry, sad and embarrassed. Coincidentally, that sounds like all the feelings you'll feel at some point after winning the Powerball. Possibly in that order.

4. Mercedes 300 SL pedal car


This little Mercedes gives off just the right vintage Richie Rich vibe. Your kids will love it while descending into their little rich kid resentment toward you. Be sure to buy one for each child so they can angrily race around your new circular driveway.

5. World's Largest Scrabble Game

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Hammacher Schlemmer

Family game night has never been so epic. Only nine of these exist in the world, but one of them can be yours for $12,000. Human-size Scrabble dictionary sold separately (or maybe not at all, not sure).

6. Fur sleep sack

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Neiman Marcus

Baby blankets are about to become so passé. From now on, only place your baby in these fur-trimmed sleep sacks. Sleep just got a billion times cozier.

7. Dream dollhouse

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Neiman Marcus

Your kids' dolls can't live in stray cardboard boxes any longer. Meet their new four-story dream dollhouse. The house itself retails for $320 but comes with zero accessories. No worries: a fully outfitted doll house will only run you about $800. (Which you can probably find under the dollhouse couch cushions.)

8. Ultimate LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon


" Star Wars: The Force Awakens " is said to have had a production budget of $200 million. I say you make and star in your own version now that you can afford it. But even if you pass on that idea, definitely pick up this epic LEGO Millennium Falcon. You've stepped on LEGOs but have you stepped on $6,600 worth of LEGOs?

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9. Silver spoon


You'll have only the best for your baby and that means you need an actual silver spoon in their mouth to match their new figurative one. Tiffany has you covered with this sterling silver feeding spoon. At $130 per spoon, it's time to stock up!

10. White Tiger


Not a real tiger, not yet. Let's start the kids on this stuffed tiger. It's an elegant choice for any nursery or child's room. As the Bel-Bambini description states, "Attention to detail and excellent quality construction will provide exotic delight in any environment." Sold.

11. Gradient Crib


If I were you, I'd never go back to the days when our furniture wasn't art. Baby will sleep in a gradient crib from now on. The asymmetrical organic surface is said to explore continuous movement with no visual end. Did Kanye West design this crib? Kanye West would probably buy this crib for his baby. Now that you're richer than him, you can too. A mere $7,500.

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