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10 Totally Active Date Nights to Get You Revved Up

Photograph by Twenty20

Most nights that we have a sitter booked and aren't too tired to actually leave the house, my man and I are content to just go to dinner. After all, it's not often that we just get time to sit, enjoy a drink and talk to each other without being asked questions like, "Who would win in a fight: a lion or a cheetah?"

Even though sipping a glass of wine and sharing an order of fries sounds like total bliss, I have to admit that sometimes it would be nice to do something a little more active. Doing novel activities together that get your heart racing can bring the fire back into your LTR. So, here are 10 active date nights that my significant other and I very much approve of, if you're looking to spice things up!


Taking a cooking class together is a fun and novel activity. It's hard work (you'll be on your feet the entire time) and you'll have the satisfaction of creating something (delicious) together. We took a pasta-making class at The Farm Cooking School. I already love cooking, but was surprised by how much my husband got into it!


There's nothing like a little danger to spice up date night. At Rockville Climbing Center or someplace just like it, you and your partner can scale the rock walls using the auto-belay system. Completing a physical challenge together will probably have you getting physical later that night!


Getting a drink together is fun and easy, but actually crushing grapes and bottling your own wine during a winemaking class will give you the thrill of having accomplished something together. Part two of your date night is getting to drink it together!


Taking a bike tour lets you and your honey be tourists in your own town. While the ride will get your heart racing, the most fun part will be stopping to explore the different sites together. This bike tour of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail looks like the perfect mix of exercise and indulgence.

Completing a physical challenge together will probably have you getting physical later that night!


OK, when it comes to date nights, a workout might not top your list, but hear me out: Taking a fun and challenging class together will not only result in a mutual sense of accomplishment, it will also give you a chance to root for one another. A super challenging class like SLT will have you high-fiving and then some. Green smoothies (or beers) after.


If you've ever dreamed of re-creating that sensual pottery scene from "Ghost," make your way over to a place such as BKLYN Clay. Get your hands dirty and create a sweet-ass bowl together. Don't worry if anyone stares if your hubs takes his shirt off.


Though it might look like child's play, don't be fooled, a round or two of miniature golf can get even the most conservative couples' pulses racing. Putting can bring out a healthy competition between you two. Make sure that whoever wins gets a special prize from the other person!


If the problem is that all you talk about when you're together is the kids, try riding a roller coaster together. Chances are, you'll be screaming, laughing and clinging to one another at some point.


Even if you think you have two left feet, taking a ballroom, swing class or salsa lesson can be the perfect date night. Not only will the class have you up on your feet, all of that physical contact with your love is sure to spark memories and help you create some new ones.


If you've seen "Grease 2," you know that a trip to the bowling alley means you're gonna score tonight. Don those bowling shoes, go for a strike or a spare and, by the end of the game, you'll be rolling into bed together.

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