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6 Reasons Sex Is Better After Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Some people will say that having kids ruins your sex life. Don't buy into that nonsense. From my experience, along with several friends whom I have been brave enough to broach the conversation with, the opposite is true. Here are six reasons sex only gets better after kids.

1. It's a lot less likely to hurt

When I was first intimate with my husband, I was surprised to find that it was painful. The combination of me being small, and him being big ... well, you get the idea. After having my first baby, the lack of pain was a welcome blessing. Also, we no longer needed to do as much prep work, which is a good thing because we no longer had as much time!

2. It forces you to be sneaky, which makes it exciting!

Parenting requires you to be stealthy when you want to get it on, which isn't always a bad thing. Quickies can be as fun as they are fast, and getting creative about location can help keep things from being routine.

3. Watching your partner as a parent is sexy as hell

For me, there is nothing sexier than seeing my husband hold and care for our babies. The combination of his strength and tenderness and the sight of our small babies in his large protective arms is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. After all, conceiving a baby is one thing, but doing what it takes to be a dad is what really makes a man. When my husband takes the initiative and helps out equally with the kids, he knows he will get laid much more often.

Quickies can be as fun as they are fast.

4. You are no longer as shy about your body

Pregnancy and childbirth have a special way of robbing you of all your modesty. The many compromising positions you find yourself in (and the myriad of healthcare professionals who witness it) is something that no one can really prepare you for. You learn to let go of insecurities and hang-ups about your body because you have much bigger things to worry about now—like paying for the kids' college.

5. The longer you're with someone, the better it gets

If you are in a committed relationship and having kids together, chances are you have been with your partner for a period of time. The longer you're together, the more you learn about that person and what makes them tick. Sex really does get better with time.

6. Don’t knock tired sex

Sometimes when it’s sloppy and you’re too exhausted to worry about yet another thing, the orgasms come quicker and feel like more of a release than ever before. There have been many times when I was certain that I wasn’t in the mood. But after giving it a go, I ended up having some of the best sex of my life. Tired, out-of-it sex can be just as satisfying as the long, tantric kind.

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