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Self-Care Sundays!

Photograph by Twenty20

These days, it seems as though we are obligated to or obsessed with staying busy and it’s taking a toll on our overall wellness as women. We are grinding our teeth, running on caffeine and getting less sleep than ever before. We work, drive carpool, take care of kids, make meals, do laundry, volunteer, exercise and maybe even dabble in a hobby or two. Time goes fast and all of a sudden our kids are grown, so we don’t dare miss a single thing with them. Our bodies fill with tension and stress, and our brains are filled to max capacity! With so much to stay on top of the cycle continues: Caffeine. Hustle. Repeat.

Days get away from us in the blink of an eye. When you’re taking care of little humans, there’s a lot of upkeep to stay on top of. We trim their nails, change their bums, bathe their bodies and forget to do our own at times! It’s no wonder we feel (and sometimes look) like mother trolls.

This is why a practice of self-care one day a week can be a game-changer. The majority of the population has the day off on Sundays, so maybe that could be a good day to choose to reconnect, unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Let go of the week behind you and recharge for the week ahead.

Here are some easy ways to practice a little self-care.

–Give yourself a facial or do an at-home face mask.

–Get a massage or ask your partner for one. Whether it’s your back or feet that ache after a long week, working out those spots rejuvenates like no other.

–Attend a religious service or read something that is spiritually enlightening. Spiritual well-being is a major pillar in our overall wellness.

A practice of self-care one day a week can be a game-changer.

–Take a long, hot, Epsom salt bath. I know the long part might be tricky with little ones running around, but relaxing your muscles in a tub can be a little slice of heaven on earth. If you have to wait until everyone is in bed, so be it.

–Stretch or do a chill yoga session.

–Do some “maintenance,” like trimming your nails, plucking your eyebrows, waxing, etc.

–Go for a walk in nature.

–Soak your feet and do a pedicure.

–Listen to relaxing music.

–Make a healthy smoothie or enjoy an herbal tea, one sip at a time. We tend to be an over-caffeinated society, drinking it on the go between work, taxiing kids, etc. Change it up once in a while. No shame in reaching for that cup of joe or Diet Coke, but sit still and enjoy it in the moment.

–Read a chapter from your favorite self-help book.

–Journal! When was the last time you wrote any of this craziness down?

–Listen to an uplifting or inspiring podcast.

Whichever you choose from the list (or do two or three at a time) the best thing you can do is to practice some form of self-care and do so without the MOM GUILT! Take care of you, so that you are able to take care of others in all of the ways that you do so well.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the holidays will be here before we know it. Getting into a good habit of taking a minute for ourselves a little bit each week can help keep sickness, stress and anxiety at bay. Life is busy, busy, busy. Doing something once a week that helps you stay balanced is an easy—and mostly free—practice to get into.

Enjoy a few hours of Self-Care Sunday before it's time to jump back in again!

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