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What It's Like Being an OCD Mom Over the Holidays

Photograph by Twenty20

The holidays are here, and if you love to decorate to celebrate the season like I do, there is a slight chance you can be a bit OCD about your holiday decor.

It's a lot of work yes, but the thing is, it's pretty work and I find myself asking my family why they can't let me enjoy this one thing and to just leave the decorations and magic the hell alone. If you feel me, and like things to be just so over the holidays, chances are you do the following things.

The tree gets redecorated after the kids go to bed.

Sure, it's great family bonding time and a beloved tradition, but when the kiddos put all of the decorations in one clump on the tree, I can't take it. Those decorations need to be placed evenly so my eyes don't go bonkers every time I sit down to admire the glow of our Christmas tree.

Cookie-making can be stressful.

I tend to go a little Martha Stewart when it comes to making cookies. I like all the dough balls or truffles to be the same size and sugar to be sprinkled evenly and frosting spread in a way which will make others actually want to eat your baked goods—which is the whole point. I can not deliver a package of cookies that look like they went through a blender to the neighbors.

You are constantly saying, "Those aren't your toys."

It doesn't matter if your child has an entire playroom full of toys and a bedroom that's overflowing with goodies—they want to play with the bowl of mirrored balls and the porcelain reindeer. Also, the nativity scene and miniature reindeer are better than any action figure, toy truck or robot they've ever had.

You tell yourself you will tone it down next year because it's not worth the back-breaking work.

It takes you twice as long to clean.

All that holiday magic collects dust, which pisses you off, but what's the point of having your fireplace draped in greens and fake snow and lights if it's going go look like a dust bunny came and shit all over you magical scene? Does this make you a martyr? Kind of, but you carry on anyway, to prove your point about how much you love the ambience. And other people living in your house should respect your wishes.

You are freaking exhausted.

You tell yourself you will tone it down next year because it's not worth the back-breaking work. You try and get rid of stuff but you can't. Then after the year passes, you decide it's really not all that much or over-the-top, and your family can just deal and learn to leave the holiday glory alone. The cycle repeats because they don't care about your feelings in the matter because "Oh my God, these mini snow globes and glittered stars are fun to play with!"

You are in competition with yourself about the Elf on the Shelf.

You put actual pressure on yourself to out do yourself and get that Elf on the Shelf to be the star of the family every damn night. Lord knows he can't be sitting in a sink full of marshmallows with a fishing pole made out sugar sticks two nights in a row—that would be tragic.

So, OCD mothers of the world, you are not alone. I feel your pain during the holidays, when you feel it shouldn't be too much for your family to leave the damn decor alone and just live their life, enjoying the majesty you are trying to force them into already.

Maybe by next year, we will have had enough—but probably not.

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