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Why Some Moms Are Voting for Trump

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Last week, we ran a piece highlighting a movement initiated by mom Kerry Washington and supported by a number of other celebrities to #StopHateDumpTrump. Our readers had a lot to say, some cheering Washington's opposition to Trump while others were frustrated by the anti-Trump sentiments expressed by so many.

"Let's stick to mom stuff and avoid politics," one commenter wrote. Other moms agreed and expressed their support for Trump, wanting to hear more about his campaign.

Our interest was piqued; if so much of the press surrounding Donald Trump's campaign is negative, why is his campaign doing so well? Trump has been criticized for his racist comments about Mexicans in an anti-immigration speech, and he received plenty of backlash for calling a pumping mom "disgusting." And yet, he consistently leads the polls for the Republican nomination.

We wanted to hear more from the moms who are throwing their full support behind Trump. So, I starting asking questions.

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In general, moms who vote for Trump want America and Americans to be the next president's top priority. They feel Republicans have been ignored during the Obama presidency.

"I am tired of feeling like the minority,"said Crystal Anderson, 32-year-old mom of two. "I believe he will secure our borders finally, not allow illegals aliens to vote [or] use our welfare system." Anderson argues that we are one of the least strict countries when it comes to immigration.

"I believe he will make a change in terms of looking after the well-being of Americans before Mexicans or Iranians or anyone else, which is what we need."

Gabrielle Fresquez, 22-year-old mom of two, expressed similar sentiments. "I do think that something has to be done when it comes to illegals," she said, "Obama wants to welcome these people with open arms while Trump wants to do what's best for Americans before he does what's best for others. ... I believe he will make a change in terms of looking after the well-being of Americans before Mexicans or Iranians or anyone else, which is what we need."

One mom expressed her deep concerns about violation of the second amendment while another shared her desire for greater care for policemen and military personnel.

"Our military personnel are not being taken care of," said Anderson, whose husband spent eight years serving in the Navy. "Trump will honor our men and women who give their lives for this country. ... I'm tired of cops not getting the respect they deserve, that they feel they can't do anything to defend us because they're scared they'll get fired."

It was also clear by the comments left on the Kerry Washington piece that Trump supporters have serious concerns about their safety and about terrorism. This was expressed by two of the women I interviewed, and was right in line with opinion of the majority of Trump supporters.

"I don't feel safe with all these Muslim refugees coming into our country," Anderson said, "we've had numerous terrorist attacks on our own soil."

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Supporters of Trump are drawn to the the idea that he will be responsible for "making America great again" and this largely involves his ideas surrounding finances.

"I truly believe that [Trump] wants America to be great and is willing to do anything in his power to make it a better country," Fresquez said, "In terms of the national debt that Obama has run us into the ground with, I believe that Trump's business background will be good for making good business decisions with other countries to lower the national debt."

He resonates with people because he says exactly what some are thinking.

"He cares about America," Bobie Jo Smith-Campbell shared in a Facebook comment, "He isn't doing it for the money, but to get things back the way they need to be."

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And when it comes to Trump's reputation for being brash? Well, his supporters largely see this as an asset—not a weakness.

"I don't believe he is 'hating,'" Lauren Combs asserted on the mom.me Facebook page. "He resonates with people because he says exactly what some are thinking."

Fresquez agrees. "I could see that being a minor setback for him, but I also see it as being a strength. He trusts himself and his ideas to the point where he doesn't mind sounding brash to get his point across."

Largely, the views expressed by moms seem to reflect much of the data about who supports Trump and how they feel about the state of the country. One piece by GQ featured interviews from Iowans who expressed their love for Trump's "tell it like it is" attitude, and CNN detailed the opinions of those who have major concerns about illegal immigration in our country. All in all, it seems clear who exactly is voting for Trump— they are afraid and they are frustrated with the way the country is currently being run.

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