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Be Like Jill, the Facebook Meme for Moms

This was the week of the "Be like Bill" meme on Facebook. A droll stick figure points out various digital age truisms (e.g. Bill doesn't post on social media about the fact that it's snowing, because everyone knows it's snowing.) The refrain always ends with "Be like Bill."

Immediately, moms got involved.

Here are 10 we may or may not have seen during peak "Be Like." Are you in there anywhere?

1. Cool Breastfeeding Mom

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2. The Fit Mom

3. The 'No Whooping Cough in My Home' Mom

4. Screen Time Mom

5. Working Mom

6. Stay-at-home Mom

7. Social Media Savvy Mom

8. Experienced Mom

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9. Early Potty-Training Mom

10. Compassionate Mom

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