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Get Crafty for President's Day

1. Marshmallow Pops: While making these cherry and top hat marshmallow pops, you can teach your child about two of the United State's greatest presidents: Washington and Lincoln. Get the how-to at Sweet Simple Stuff.

2. Pop Art Pennies: Add a little color to your pennies using oil-based markers. Color many of them and use glue dots to attach them to a piece of paper and frame it for your home. Get the how-to at Handmade By Kelly.

3. Cupcake Pintables: Nothing says a holiday better than a cupcake or a whoopee cake. Enjoy your President's Day by adding a cupcake topper to your sweet treat. Get the how-to at I Heart Naptime.

4. Cardboard Tube Presidents: Make some replicas of your favorite presidents using a material everyone has in their home—toilet paper rolls. Get the how-to at Kix Cereal .

5. Lunch with the President: Start teaching your little ones about what a president is with a patriotic lunch, complete with a George Washington sandwich. Get the how-to at Cookie Cutter Lunch.

6. Presidential Cookies: Transform your plain ol' Nilla Wafers into Presidents Washington and Lincoln with chocolate chips, marshmallows and a black edible marker. Get the how-to at Party Pinching.

7. President Cupcake Toppers: Print out the faces of the presidents from retired money downloaded on newmoney.gov and then write the fun facts on the back of each of the faces. Remember, however, Ben Franklin may have been a founding father, but he was never a president. Get the how-to at Crafts Collection.

8. Paper Plate Presidents: Paint your paper plate with peach paint and then decorate it with cotton balls, construction paper and googly eyes. This kid craft is a great for any kid learning about their forefathers. Get the how-to at Kix Cereal.

9. Washington's Cherries: We can not tell a lie, these homemade chocolate covered cherries would have made President Washington proud. Get the how-to at Hoosier Homemade.

10. Presidential T-shirts: Show off your favorite president with pride by stenciling him on your shirt using a freezer paper stencil. Get the how-to at Dana Made It.

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