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Is Wine o'Clock the Secret to Living Forever?

Photograph by Twenty20

The Centers for Disease Control may want all the sexy ladies to stop drinking if they're not on birth control, but a super old dude in Spain is all, "Bottoms up, women! Don't you wanna live forever?"

Antonio Docampo Garcia, a 107-year-old vineyard owner from Ribadavia in northern Spain, told a local newspaper that he would drink a couple of bottles of red at lunch and two more at dinner. His son, Manuel Docampo Lopez, told regional paper La Voz de Galicia, that he could attest to the fact that his father could just pound it.

Docampo Lopez said that his elder could drink "a liter and a half all at once."


The son was apparently no teetotaler himself and when the two were together, they'd go through 200 liters of wine every month.


And forget about the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. The son reported that his father "never drank water."

Photograph by: CEN

Of course, Docampo didn't drink just any wine, and his selection may have had something to do with the health effects. He only ever drank the organic, chemical-free wine that his company, Bodegas Docampo, produced itself, a U.K. paper reported.

The other thing is: This all may be too good to be true—at least for the rest of us looking for the fountain of youth at the bottom of a vat of tempranillo. There's no tangible medical evidence that daily buckets of wine had anything to do with Docampo Lopez's long life. So, trying to emulate Señor Docampo is no guarantee you'll live nearly as long as he did. Overimbibing could even potentially shorten your lifespan.

But we're not gonna pull a CDC here. Your organic Spanish red wine intake is between you and your glass.

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