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Motivational Mondays: Getting Organized

Happy Monday! Spring is just around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited. Spring marks the beginning of so much—the warmer weather, new foods in season and an electricity in the air that embodies nature's fresh start. I personally love spring for the cleaning, organizing and tidying up that it incentivizes us to do!

I have a hard time with clutter. To be frank, it drives me crazy. I'm one of those people who feels emotionally and mentally scattered if my home environment is a mess—and so I notice that I'm constantly prioritizing cleaning and organizing in order to feel my best.

Of course, having a toddler has made this endeavor around 40,000 times harder. The moment something gets put away or perfectly organized, Marlowe will blow in like a hurricane to "deconstruct" it. Fun fact: My daughter prefers bookshelves with every last book removed and scattered around the floor. I've long-since lost the daily battle when it comes to household items that are accessible to my toddler, waiting instead for nights and weekends to quietly and swiftly put things in their proper place.

I truly believe that orderliness does effect our mental state and ability to be productive. This month, I decided to support my love of organization with a quest to really put the rhyme and reason back in to the areas of my home that haven't been overrun by my toddler. It makes me feel like I've retained a little bit of "adult space" and, quite frankly, keeps me sane.

Here are the ways I'm implementing some springtime tidying-up in my personal space:

My Makeup Bag: Makeup bags are great if you need to transport makeup, but keeping your makeup and brushes inside a deep bag only adds to the chaos and time required to get dolled up. How many times have you fished around in there for the "really, really good" mascara, only to come up with handfuls of other things you haven't used in months? In your bathroom, your private sanctuary, you deserve a little prettiness and organization! I recommend getting a visually pleasing tray, as well as a wide cup for your brushes. Curate all of your most used makeup inside this tray, place all your brushes inside the cup and store your special-occasion makeup in a makeup bag in your cabinet. Welcome to the more glamorous you!

My Cleaning Products: This is a little fix, but it really makes a difference. I find that the space under my kitchen sink gets insanely cluttered the most quickly. Knocked-down spray bottles, soaps, scrubs and scattered extra sponges make this space look like a total mess. Get in there and organize! Cleaning will seem much less daunting when your products are grouped together and easy to find. I prefer wire and wooden boxes and baskets, since they have such a timeless quality and are much prettier to look at than plastic! Added bonus: Use the caddies as transporters to bring the products from room to room.

My Files, Paperwork and Mail: Raise your hand if you have a drawer in your house that is an endless black hole for every bill, piece of paperwork and receipt that comes in to your life. Can I raise both hands? This is my ultimate pet peeve, not to mention the fact that bills and important paperwork are constantly getting lost. Having a drawer is fine, but what about making your life a little easier? I recently bought a file basket for every member of our family. These are super inexpensive, come in a rainbow of colors and can be personalized. I added corrugated steel initials to differentiate each person's file. Now when a letter comes for my husband, it doesn't live on our kitchen counter until he has the time to open it. It lives in his file, and he knows exactly where to put his bits and bobs throughout the week. Go through the files every Sunday evening before the work week to decided which items can be tossed or recycled!

My Jewelry: I absolutely love collecting special pieces of jewelry. Every piece I own tells a story, and was a gift from somebody I care about. I used to keep everything I had in a drawer in my closet, but this spring I was inspired to organize it and keep it out on my vanity! There's something so special about seeing beautiful items every day, and being reminded of the people in your life that you love. Plus, it is an excellent reminder of what you have so you don't forget to wear your most favorite pieces! I recommend a tiered dish (or two), as well as T-stand for your bracelets, watches and necklaces. By laying your necklaces flat across the bar of the T-stand, the chains don't risk getting tangled.

Do you like to do some Spring cleaning to stay organized? What are your favorite ways to clean up and get a head start on the season? Let me know in the comments!



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