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What You Need to Know About Getting an At-Home Vasectomy

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A vasectomy is a beautiful, important moment in any man's life, but far too many men report feeling alienated and unduly anesthetized during an in-hospital procedure. If you have a vasectomy coming up but want a more meaningful, natural experience, perhaps an at-home vasectomy is you.

An at-home vasectomy is a safe and satisfying choice for families who want the best possible start for themselves and their vas deferentia. Many home-vasectomy families want full awareness of the men's experience of a vasectomy, and a desire to provide the most gentle start possible for the penis.

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Meanwhile, hospitals may be unable or unwilling to offer gentle or personalized choices, such as accommodating the needs of fathers who want an unmedicated vasectomy or immediate unwashed skin-to-skin contact after the procedure. Plus, women can have a closer and more intimate involvement in the vasectomy, which can be difficult in a hospital setting.

Here are some benefits of an at-home vasectomy:

  • Home vasectomy may be significantly easier on your bank account. All you need are some scissors, some dental floss, about 50 dark towels and a few band-aids.

  • A home vasectomy means fewer chances of medical intervention, so if you are empowered enough to be awake and alert throughout the process at home, there is no chance of wimping out and opting for pain relief.

  • Home vasectomy promotes immediate bonding with the penis.

  • An at-home vasectomy is just more fun!

The following are methods for making your home vasectomy safer and more special:

  • Hire a vasectomy concierge. He or she can provide ice chips, massage, and advice on different vasectomy positions. After the vasectomy, the vasectomy concierge can also offer counsel on general care for your penis and the preservation of any extra tissue or blood for a keepsake or nourishing smoothies.

  • We recommend having a mantra to get you through your at-home all-natural vasectomy. Two you might try are "No more condoms" or "College tuition."

  • Even though you are having the vasectomy, your wife can be involved in the process too! Lean and sway on your partner through each pain.

  • Put together a "Vasectomy Day" playlist to inspire, soothe and motivate you through the experience. Suggested titles are "Part of Me" by Katy Perry, "Big Balls" by AC/DC, "Cuts Like a Knife" by Bryan Adams and "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes.

  • With each pain, imagine your vas deferens is a beautiful flower, opening. Or maybe the pains are more like waves crashing on a beach. Or a magnificent river getting dammed up by a bunch of beavers. Something like that.

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Home vasectomy may be an option for you if:

  • You trust your body and what it's capable of.

  • You have a healthy, low-risk penis.

  • You want to be free to move around, change positions, take a shower, and eat or drink freely during your vasectomy.

  • You want to enjoy the comforts of your home and familiar surroundings during your vasectomy. You don't always get the option of watching the Jason Statham movie of your choice in a hospital.

  • You want to share the experience with family and friends and even pets who undoubtedly will never forget witnessing the miracle of an all-natural, at-home vasectomy.

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