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How to Take Good Photos with Your iPhone

People are always telling me that I get great photos with my iPhone and for whatever reason, they haven't been able to get the same quality of photos with their phone camera. So today I'm going to share the do's and don'ts of taking photos with your iPhone. And just so you know, I currently have a 5S, which doesn't have nearly the quality of camera as the newer models. So if you have an iPhone 6 or better, you're in good shape!

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DON'T use the camera in Instagram. I can't stress this enough. While Instagram is my favorite app to share photos, it takes the worst, most grainy photos EVER. Also, the filters in Instagram aren't that great. Stay away from them when you can, too.

DO use a camera app like VSCO or Camera +. VSCO is my favorite. It takes great, high-quality photos. The editing features are top notch and the filters are great, too.

DON'T ever use a flash. Seriously. Phone flashes are just not good. They make photos look washed out. For this reason, I don't take too many photos at night.

DO use natural light and white backgrounds. Sunlight is your friend. You always want the sun behind you when taking a picture.

DON'T force your kids to take photos. My kids pretty much never let me take photos if I say "OK, you stand here, and you stand here, and.." With three kids, I've given up on those posed shots. They don't look that great anyway.

DO take photos of them in their natural state. The best photos I've gotten of my kids are when they are playing, laughing, eating ice cream cones, laying in bed, etc. That's how I want to remember them anyway.

DON'T snap one photo and think you're good. With 3 little ones, someone is always looking the wrong way, closing their eyes at the wrong time, etc.

DO take several in a row. I usually take at least 4 photos of the same thing before I'm "done." Sometimes I'll use different angles, too. From there, I pick the best one to edit.

DON'T adjust your photos too much. If you're using good lighting, you shouldn't have to adjust your photos that much at all. Maybe up the exposure a notch or two. Maybe edit the contrast just a bit. Over-edited photos are the worst, and years from now, you won't love them at all.

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DO use the same filter. If you're posting to Instagram or making a photo wall or something, you want to make sure your photos all have a similar vibe. To do this, just use the same filter each time you take a picture. My personal fav is F1 in VSCO. I never use anything except for this one.

DON'T think too hard. If you are stressing out over getting good shots with your phone, you might be over-doing it. Seriously. Practice these tips and you'll quickly figure out what works best and what doesn't. I get so many good shots with my phone because I've been taking pictures this way for years now!

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