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A Mid-Year Reflection

At the beginning of every year, I have a list of all the milestones I want to achieve and ways to make myself better. It sometimes takes the New Year to force me to switch things up. And clearly, I'm not alone. That's why there are tons of gym deals in January; all of a sudden, we all want to be super fit and healthy again. The New Year is like pressing the restart button. But every year, midway through, I look up and wonder where all the time has gone.

We get so consumed in our daily lives that we forget about those important resolutions we made in order to make this year better than the last. So every year around June, I always begin to reflect on if I have been achieving these goals and holding myself accountable. This year, I've had the opportunity to document my New Year's Resolutions and it's been very cathartic. I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts and actions with you so much because it's forced me to stay more connected and focused on my intentions. It's like having a thousand of my closest girlfriends rooting me on. I have not yet reached every milestone but I see small successes—and that's progress.

This year, I vowed to feel good from the inside out and to get my sexy back! I am happy to say that I am getting more sleep, YAY! I don't always make the bedtime rule of 10 p.m. but I have been forcing myself to turn off all electronics, finish chatting with my hubby and get into bed earlier. The nights I do get those full 8 hours, I feel so much more energized and ready to attack my day. I wake up reciting my inspirational mommy mantras and I am ready to go. I won't share how the beginning of my day looks on nights I only get 4 hours of sleep (it's not pretty).

Finding the time to work out can be a challenge, so on those days I try to push for a 30-minute home workout before bed. I'd rather do it in the morning but I simply cannot force myself out of bed before 6 a.m. (that's when my youngest gets up)! Although, I must admit, I am in love with hot yoga! So, on days I can make it to a class, I go!

I also wanted to push my beauty norm this year and try new products. I am loving a few new lip colors that I've added into my "quick mommy makeup" rotation. They have been a lot of fun to experiment with. I've changed up my hair recently and I am looking forward to finding a few more beauty and hair products this year to add to my routine.

This has also been the year to find more time for myself. There is no doubt that we are busy and there is always something to do but I am proud to say I am getting better about forcing myself to take me-time. It's not a lot but I have enjoyed my 15-minute breathers each day to catch my breath and have also enlisted more help from family to find those rare moments alone.

In addition, I am keeping up with my "Mom Boss" intentions to expand my support system of like-minded, creative and inspiring mamas. I have been committed to stepping out of my comfort zone (my house) and attending more events and activities to engage and connect with other women. I am seeing how amazing it is to truly have that mom support in family and career. All moms should have their very own mom squad!

Lastly, through this process, I have realized the most important goal of all: Enjoy the ride! I am a mom and wife first. It is the job I love more than anything in the world. My girls are my greatest motivation to be the best me! Through all the chaos and self-improvement, I am remembering to have fun! They will only be this age once in a lifetime and my biggest regret would be to not experience it with them. So regardless of new goals, old habits or anything in-between, I am encouraging myself to above all else, live in the moment.

Thank you for following along with my New Year's Resolutions. Let me know which resolutions you are sticking with (or not)!

To keep up with all of my mom-life adventures, head over to ElizabethMxo and follow me on Instagram for all my latest happenings.

-EM xo

This post is produced in collaboration with Mom.me and CoverGirl. As always, all thoughts expressed in this post are entirely the author's own.

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