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5 Reasons I'm Afraid of Trump, Now That He's This Close to Being President

CHARLESTON, WV - MAY 05: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during his rally at the Charleston Civic Center on May 5, 2016 in Charleston, West Virginia. Trump became the Republican presumptive nominee following his landslide win in indiana on Tuesday.(Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)
Photograph by Getty Images

With Donald Trump as the likely Republican nominee for president, it's more important now than ever to not dismiss his words. Trump says things that are mean and hurtful without considering the consequences of his statements or the audience that will hear them. Here are several major reasons why he frightens me:

1. His America is not great.

Trump says he wants to make America great again, yet what he means by that is never clarified. Because his comments fuel certain members of our population in its hatred and sexism, I have to think that the not-so-great America he refers to is one that denies non-white people voting rights and access to the same protections under the law that white men are afforded.

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2. He reviles women in public.

Trump's public comments about women are rooted in disrespect, suggesting that women's bodies, even those of own daughters, are the most valuable things they have to offer. A recent campaign ad against him highlights many of his untoward remarks about women. On August 28, 2012, Trump tweeted that @ariannahuffington is both unattractive on the inside and the outside. "I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision," said Trump. And his insults toward Rosie O'Donnell make me feel that little boys everywhere will find this type of treatment of women acceptable. What kind of role model is a leader who doesn't hesitate to disparagingly comment on a woman's appearance?

3. He uses women in private.

Trump paid his wife Ivana an annual salary of $1 to run the Trump Castle. He said his greatest regret was allowing her to work out of the home. A New York Times article chronicles the many private and personal relationships Trump has had with women—while there are those who defend him, he has shown a clear pattern of using women as showpieces.

4. He believes that abortion should be a criminal offense.

Donald Trump says he believes "some form of punishment" should be meted out to women who have an abortion. Such blatant sexism and such a clear failure to understand the dangers that so many women would face should abortion not be legally available speaks to his complete unsuitability to serve as the leader of this country.

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5. He doesn't understand America.

Donald Trump doesn't have a real grasp on what made America "great" in the first place. The vast majority American citizens are either immigrants or the progeny of immigrants. Yet, his comments about immigrants are painfully insulting. He has spoken the most flagrant lies about immigrants from Mexico, referring to them as rapists and defending his comments time and time again. He has recommended barring the entry of all Muslims into the United States, yet our Statue of Liberty says: "Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me." He doesn't understand that our country is great because it embraces those who are different and in need of a welcoming home.

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