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12 Times Target Has Made This Mom's Dreams Come True

Photograph by Kristina Wright

Ah, Target! A mother's oasis on a school day or a Saturday afternoon. There is coffee, a clean restroom by the pharmacy, four rows of makeup and nail polish, leggings that are 2 for $15, housewares that are cheaper than Pottery Barn so that when your toddler literally eats holes in that pretty pillow you bought, you won’t cry ... and wine! Good wine! Wine on sale! What mom doesn't love Target? Here are 12 reasons Target is like part amusement park, part heaven on earth for any mom:

1. Starbucks

My Target Store has a full-service Starbucks right by the front door. Carmel macchiatos for everyone!

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2. The Dollar Spot

Known as “There goes $30,” the Dollar Spot is chock-full of seasonal knick knacks, toys for the kiddies and inspiration for crafts and gifts. Hell, the Dollar Spot is filled with magic! It’s also misnamed, as the best stuff actually costs $3.

3. Self-checkout

My Target recently added several self-checkout registers. While I generally eschew such modern technology at the grocery store, at Target it means I can ring up my purchases without the cashier judging me for my $30 of Dollar Spot stuff and the four bottles of wine. (They’re for friends! I swear!)

Faux leather, faux suede, washable fabrics! Target knows I have kids. Target understands.

4. Housewares

I love Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and I page longingly through their catalogs. Pre-kids, I even bought a few things from them. But now the idea of spending $1,000 on a piece of furniture or $90 on a pillow that is not ink-proof or barf-proof makes me shudder. Thankfully, there’s Target. Faux leather, faux suede, washable fabrics! Target knows I have kids. Target understands.

5. The pharmacy

In my house, “I need to pick up a prescription at Target” is code for “See you in a couple of hours, I need a break.” Combine a necessary task like picking up Amoxicillin for the kid’s ear infection with perusing the new summer displays? I’m all about it. Plus, the pharmacy staff is really, really nice.

6. Groceries

A few years ago, my Target expanded to offer groceries. I’m a mom. I’m tired. It’s nice to be able to hit one store for all my needs. (And by “needs,” I mean ice cream.)

7. The seasons start early, but not obscenely so

I have kids, which means I often lose track of time. By the time I realize Halloween is only two weeks away, the costumes and candy are gone from the store. Target is reasonable about their seasonal offerings, thankfully. Thanks to Target, I can be practical and stock up on school supplies in July and buy Valentine's Day candy in January.

8. Coupons, sales, their own credit card and an online app!

Target uses all methods of marketing to entice me. I particularly love their “Buy 3 of X and get a $5 gift card.” No, I don’t need three packages of toilet paper, but I got a $5 gift card to use on myself! Score!

9. Books!

I'm a book nerd. The death of bookstores in my local area means I have to rely on alternative sources of reading material. Target has a lovely little book section. Being able to get coffee and a book at the same location is almost like going to the bookstore for me.

10. A gift for everyone

I can literally do all of my holiday shopping in Target. And I have.

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11. Gift cards at the card aisle

Admit it, you’ve resorted to gift cards for those last minute gifts for friends and teachers. Target loves us. They put gift cards right on the greeting card end caps. Card, gift card, boom! You’re done and you still have time to get a latte.

12. Did I mention the wine?

Wine deserves its own bullet. Target knows what I need!

Thank you, Target. You make this mom’s modest dreams of a peaceful solo outing come true.

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