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Everything You Need to Streamline Your Schedule

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You would think that with the advances in technology keeping up to date with your family’s health and happiness would be simple, but with so many tools to choose from, it isn’t as simple as it looks. From doctor appointments to soccer practice, keeping a busy schedule has become a balancing act for parents. It doesn’t have to be that hard, so I put together some simple tips and tricks to help you keep it all together.

Whiteboard: One simple solution is keeping a family whiteboard in a central location, assigning each family member their own color of dry-erase marker. Think of the whiteboard as a base camp. It is the place you go to each night to set up your personal daily schedule. By assigning each person a color, you know who is going where and what each person needs. From this one central location, you can stay on top of each person’s busy schedule. Make sure the board is large enough to include a small schedule along the top of the week, as well as room on the rest of the board for notes, reminders, lists of things the family needs or wants (such as a grocery list, or cupcake ingredients for the bake sale) and whatever else you think would help keep your family on track.

Alerts and Reminders: Your phone and computer have two wonderful functions, reminders and alerts. Each time you check the family whiteboard, set a reminder on your phone and computer. On many phones and computers. it is as simple as using voice recognition functions such as Siri or Cortana. For doctor appointments and things of that nature, it is good to set one alarm the day before and one for the day of. You can also use this tool when you are out and about to record your reminders of what you need to add to the board each day.

Family Calendar: There are programs online (such as Google Calendar) where you will find a free calendar, with great features such as color coding (are you seeing a pattern here?), reminders and more. You can link together each family members calendar on their computer and smartphone so everyone can see when and what is happening. At the end of each week, be sure to record any notes or reminders for the next week from the whiteboard—that way when you put up the new week, you will have all the information in one place.

Balancing a busy schedule and keeping your family’s health and happiness as a priority does not have to be difficult or a lot of work. Keeping a color-coded whiteboard that is centrally located in the home keeps everyone aware of what’s happening each day and what is coming up in the schedule. Setting alerts and reminders keeps you on top of everyone’s needs and by recording each event into the family calendar, you will put balance back into your life.

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