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1 of These 10 Swimsuits Is Gonna Work For Your Mom Bod

The winter coats have been replaced by itsy bitsy bikinis at my Target and that can only mean one thing: Swimsuit Season.

If you’re anything like me, you are not Googling the hottest swimsuits of the season and scheduling a sesh with your waxer. Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming pools, and the beach is the bomb diggity. But I dread swimsuit season. Probably because I have more curves than a pumpkin and look about the same in a bathing suit.

But since I don’t want to be the adult in a T-shirt and shorts at the pool, I have to buy a swimsuit. So I’m on the hunt for some cute, affordable suits that don’t make me look like I’m wearing a Spandex burka. I’ve found some cool options from a bunch of different places ranging in styles and prices. Hopefully it will give you ideas on what you like or don’t like before diving into a purchase (see what I did there?). I’m not a fashion expert, but I have eyes and opinions.

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Here I am using them both to share my faves with you:

1. Torrid Ocean Prince Ruched One Piece

I find that Torrid is sometimes hit-or-miss for me. Some of their clothes tend to skew younger and hipper. But this bathing suit is beautiful. It has a push-up underwire bra and a ruffled skirt that's flattering for fuller figures. It’s regularly priced at $108.50 so keep an eye out for sales.

2. GabiFresh for Swim Sexy

I’m jealous of edgy fashion designer GabiFresh. She rocks these bathing suit styles like she’s Nicki Minaj on beach day. Most of her line is too modern for me, because I’m almost 100 years old, but I love this striped number called The Countess. It has something called Power Mesh that sounds like a gay volleyball team, and I need it in my life. And for $68 I just might make that happen.

3. The Sorella Signature One Piece

I have what I lovingly call a “front butt” after having my daughter. You heard me. So wearing things that are fitted in the front is not good for my emotional well-being. But I do like things that hold me up tight like my maternity jeans did when I was pregnant. This Sorella Signature One Piece has a firm grip on the middle, so your tummy can feel supported while you frolic on the beach. It’s a little steep at $89 but worth it if you want a simple, classic look that you can wear for lounging on your yacht.

4. Lane Bryant Blouson Swim Tank

I don’t like wires under my bra. Maybe it’s because my boobs are on the smallish side for a big girl, but I find underwire bras to be really uncomfortable. And I’m definitely not a fan of them in my swimming suit. I guess what I’m saying is that I like my boobs to be a little more like America, free and enterprising. That’s why I’m digging this Blouson Swim Tank from Lane Bryant. It looks so comfy and and doesn’t have a wire in the tank top. And for $68 the price is pretty freeing as well.

5. Always For Me Daphne Swimdress

OK, if the idea of a swimdress makes you feel like you’re pushing 80, you are right. But that’s OK! Some gals just want a little more cover up in their swimwear, and this is a really cute option to do that. Who doesn’t love polka dots? And I love the cut at the top. It has a sweet, retro-feel without feeling like you’re ACTUALLY in your grandma’s suit. Kind of pricey at $95 so save up if you want this polka puppy.

6. Modcloth Sunbeam Me Up

I want to own everything at Modcloth. Their clothes are so stylized and cute, and I love that they featured real-looking women in their clothes. Not just skinny models in outfits available in “plus size.” They also have a very active community of fans who give good feedback and post pictures of themselves wearing their clothes. They have a lot of vintage inspired swimsuits that are generally flattering for fuller figures. I tend to lean toward one-piece suits myself, but I’m throwing in a two-piece here so people don’t think I’m against two-pieces. I’m not! They’re just not for me. But if they were, this Sunbeam Me Up suit was my favorite on their site, and it’s on sale for $61.99.

7. Torrid Flounce Bikini Top

Before you go running for the hills, hear me out. This style is actually super trendy right now. When I was researching what types of new bathing suit to buy, this style of top kept coming up a lot. Yes, you will have to have body confidence to wear it. Let’s all agree to dig down deep together and get outside our comfort zone and wear something a little sexier than usual. Plus, you can mix and match whatever bottom you want with it and cover your butt/thighs as much as you want. $58 at Torrid.

8. Becca ETC Crochet Cutout Swimdress

This suit is also super trendy right now. At least I feel like I heard someone say “crochet is in.” So 90-year-old women everywhere can rejoice. Crochet is back! For us younger folks, we get to embrace it in small doses like on our swimming suits. This suit was actually listed in prices ranging from $117 to $158 on a couple of different websites. So if you like it, do a quick Google search to see which price you’re willing to pay.

9. Lane Bryant Wrap Front Swim Tank in Lela Rose

This suit is beautiful. I’m already imagining myself strutting down the beach, trying not to stumble over beer cans and seaweed in this number. It has something called a Balconette Bra, which makes me think that my boobs are going to jut out just enough to get a great view. But really, I want this suit for the wow factor. As in, wow, I look hot in this. It’s steep, for me anyway, at $88-$98. So think really hard about how you’ll look on the beach before plunging into this one.

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10. Swimsuits For All Heist

Ashley Graham is undoubtedly one of the hottest plus-size swimsuit models right now. And she’s repping some sexy swimsuits for Swimsuits For All. In fact, SFA has an extensive collection of suits for larger ladies. I picked this one, because I want to look exactly how Ashley Graham looks in it. Confident, tan and with a flat tummy. What? A girl can dream. Heist has removable bra cups and side zipper in case you need a little extra wiggle room getting it on. It’s also the most expensive suit on my list at $208. Hey, you want to look how celebrities look, you gotta pay what celebrities pay.

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