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Let The Sanctimommy Be

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I’m sure by now you’ve seen this viral Facebook post from a “sanctimommy” with a two-week old baby. She goes on a rant saying that being a parent is easy and doesn’t understand why other moms can’t get their stuff together. She sees no excuse for dirty houses or fast food dinners. She’s “only two weeks in but so far managed to get enough sleep, cook decent meals, keep my apartment clean…” She goes on and on. We get it! Mom-ing is so easy! We’re all a bunch of lazy bozos!

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I have to admit that the first time I saw this woman’s rant my eyes couldn’t roll far back enough in my head. OF COURSE she hasn’t found parenting to be difficult… yet. Her baby basically sleeps, eats, and poops all day long. That’s it. Her baby can’t move. Her baby can’t unroll the toilet paper. Her baby can’t color the walls with marker while she’s making dinner. Her baby can’t throw a tantrum that makes her ears bleed. She’s in that honeymoon period before it all comes crashing down.

Either way, right now she has no clue and that’s kind of a sweet spot to be in.

I wanted to hate on this new mother and rant right back at her about her judgmental attitude, but then I realized that ignorance is bliss. This woman has no idea how difficult parenting can be. Maybe she lucked out with an angel baby who will grow into an angel toddler and then an angel child. Good for her. Or maybe she will experience just how exhausting parenting can be and eat her words.

Either way, right now she has no clue and that’s kind of a sweet spot to be in.

I remember when I used to think being a mom would be so easy. I had no anxiety about parenting. I was blissfully unaware of the hardships I would have to endure. After having my first (who was by no means an “easy” baby) I realized just how difficult being a mom could be. When I became pregnant with my second I had a lot of anxiety about going through it all over again. My kids are now 3 and 4 and I’m exhausted every single day. These kids wear me out! I’m pretty sure I’m traumatized from having any more children because, you guys, it really ain’t easy.

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So let this woman have her honeymoon period.

Let her think parenting is all sunshine and rainbows.

Let her think she’s kicking ass at being a mom.

Because Lord knows there will come a day when her child will do something so God awful that she'll question whether she’s even fit to be a mother.

And when that happens, we'll welcome her into our group of imperfect mothers. We'll tell her it will all be OK and we'll hand her a large glass of wine. We won’t even say “we told you so,” because that’s obnoxious and nobody needs to hear that.

But that doesn't mean we won't be thinking it, because, seriously, we told you so.

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