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Introducing Incy Interiors

Founder, Kristy Withers decided to create Incy after a long and exhausting search to find her son Oscar‘s first ‘big boy bed’. An extensive search throughout Australia and overseas left Kristy frustrated and little Oscar stuck in his crib. Kristy recognized an opportunity to bring quality designer furniture to Australia and with the help of a team of very talented people, Incy was born!

After many requests from slightly jealous parents, Incy now has the entire family covered with many beds styles extending to a Queen.

Incy products can now be found in over 170 stores in Australia and internationally - New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and more recently the USA.

1. What inspired you to start your business?

It was my son moving into his first big boy bed that inspired Incy. I was working at eBay Australia at the time and regularly travelling to the US and UK and seeing all the amazing products available internationally. After trying to import a bed, attempting to restore a vintage one and have one made in Australia, all unsuccessfully that I bit the bullet and Incy was born.

2. What do you most love about it?

I know it sounds really clichéd but I love that I get to do something that I love every day. I love that my days are so varied, one minute I can be knee deep into spreadsheets looking at sales figures and the next I am selecting light fittings for our new store!

3. What's the hardest thing about running your own business and being a mom?

The hardest thing of running your own business and being a mum is juggling the two. There is only so much time in the day and some days it is impossible to give both my children and Incy the dedication they need. I am incredibly lucky though to have an amazing support team around me who can pick up the slack…. It also helps that I am related to most of them!

4. What's your best-selling product?

Our best selling product is by far our Ellie (rose gold) cot. In Australia it is currently sold out of the next 3 containers and in the US out of the next 2!

5. What do your kids think about the work you do?

Generally my children love Incy. They absolutely love coming in and hanging out in the office or store and their absolute favourite thing to do is to go along to a photoshoot. They obviously don’t love it when I can’t make it to school events or if I have to work of a night time but mostly they understand. I love listening to Polly whilst she plays, she is always working in her shop serving customers or on the phone and computer.

6. Name three other mompreneurs you admire.

I am a huge fan of Jessica Alba and I love everything about her and The Honest Company. Kris Jenner, love her or hate her she is one amazing business woman. My other mom crush is a fellow Australian Emma Issacs who has just launched her company Business Chicks into the US, successfully relocated her entire family (including her 4 children).