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Healthy Home, Happy Home

Your home is your sanctuary. A place where you create moments and memories to treasure, where you celebrate the happy times and provide comfort during challenging times. And most of all, your home is a place to wrap your family in the warmth of good health, cleanliness, safety and happiness.

You work hard to keep your home clean, but despite your best efforts, there may be areas that you may not even realize can threaten the well-being of your family. While every family may have different definitions of what is “clean,” it’s important to know that a variety of contaminants can hide in the most unlikely spots in every home, which can lead to health concerns like asthma, allergies and infections. These areas, known as “hot spots” are the top gathering locations for potentially harmful dirt, germs and bacteria. And with the cold and flu season upon us, you not only can expect the germ level in your home to rise but you also need to look for ways to protect yourself and your family outside your home. But don’t call in the professional cleaning crew just yet.

Between your work and your family’s schedule, it can be overwhelming to try to keep your house in tip top shape. Here are some tips to keep cleaning from becoming a chore you want to ignore:

  • Assign everyone in the family a task based on their age and ability. Even little hands can pitch in to pick up toys and empty waste bins.
  • Divide the work by rooms to keep it from getting overwhelming. Thinking about just cleaning the bathroom, for example, is less stressful than considering the whole house.
  • Keep everyone motivated with a “prize” at the end of the cleaning day like a favorite carry-out dinner or movie night.

And Sam’s Club wants to help, too. We’ve assembled our top tips by room and trusted products to help you keep your home and family healthy and safe. You’ll see how making a few small changes in your routine (and being aware of these hidden hot spots) can have an impact.

Kitchen: You love to experiment in the kitchen and try new recipes. But the mess it leaves can be a challenge. Did you know that most kitchen floors have more bacteria than trash cans! Pine-Sol® has a solution.

Living Room: Your living room is the gathering place for friends and family, so your furniture can become a gathering place for bacteria. Find out how to keep it clean and fresh with Lysol®.

Bedroom: At the end of a long and busy day, there is nothing better than snuggling into a cozy bed. But when was the last time you washed that comforter!? Snuggle® Blue Sparkle® Fabric Softener has a tip.

Did you know that your pillow can increase in weight from body oils, sweat, dust and skin cells? Lighten it up with all® free clear Detergent!

You woke up refreshed — but while you slept, bacteria multiplied in your mouth. Yuck. Get a fresh start with LISTERINE®.

Bathroom: Baths are so relaxing—that is until you realize that the bathtub is one of the top spots for bacteria in your home! Put the Scrubbing Bubbles® to work at killing 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Staying on budget and getting a great value for your dollar is always a win — but getting quality and performance from a product is a bonus! Stock your bathroom with Scott® 1100 Bath Tissue and find out more!

As cold and flu season begins, remember that our homes aren’t the only places with hot spots. Bacteria and germs live on surfaces you and your family touch. Keep your immune system in fighting shape with Emergen-C® every day!

The holidays are just around the corner and you want your home ready for those pop-in guests! Treat your family and guests to the comfortable clean of Member’s Mark® Bath Tissue!

While eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep is important to good health, so is keeping your home as clean as possible. And at Sam’s Club, we believe that a Healthy Home can contribute to a Happy Home. Visit Sam's Club for tips on how to turn your home into a sanctuary of good health!

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