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Star-Shaped Fruit Pops

Celebrate Memorial Day with these star-shaped fruit pops, which are great for both fun-seeking adults and picky little kids. While the pops look exotic, the components are simple, familiar fruits. The fun shapes might even get your kids to eat more fruit than normal! Feel free to mix up the recipe and try different ingredients.


Watermelon (small and seedless)



(You'll also need something to string the fruit on—we used fun striped straws)


1. Slice the watermelon and pineapple into rounds about 1 inch thick. Cut watermelon and the pineapple to about the same thickness.

2. Use your cookie cutters to cut out various sized stars—this is one project where every single sized star will come in handy.

3. When you're cutting the watermelon, be a little bit gentle with the cutter to keep the fruit intact. You might need to use a little finesse to work the cookie cutter through the fruit.

4. Since pineapple can be a bit tough in the center, it's easiest to try and cut around it, not through. If you do need to cut through the center, you can always use a knife if the cookie cutter isn't strong enough. (The cutter will still make a good imprint on the pineapple so that you know where to cut.)

5. If you want to make a star with one type of fruit inside another (say, a watermelon star surrounded by a pineapple star), first cut out a pineapple star using the biggest star you have. Then, in the center of the big pineapple star, use a significantly smaller cookie cutter to cut a star out of the middle. Use the same cookie cutter (the smaller one) to cut out a watermelon star.

6. Then slide the smaller watermelon star into the hole you made in the pineapple.

7. If you're using blueberries, put those on the straw first. Don't be too rough as you put them on—it helps to gently twist as you push the straw through, as if you're putting in a screw.

8. Continue to slide fruit onto the straws, in whatever combination and order you'd like.

9. If you have younger kids, it works well to do all the cutting yourself, set out the stars and berries and just let them go at the beading.

10. Enjoy!

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