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8 Things Moms Do When They’re Finally Alone

Photograph by Twenty20

Alone time: It’s a rare and precious thing for a mom. Sometimes, it’s unexpected. We look up from folding the laundry one Saturday morning and realize our partner has taken the kids to the park and we are blissfully alone in a quiet house. The joy quickly turns to panic. What should we do with our time? How do we make this time count, especially when we don’t know when it will happen again? We’re sure as hell not going to finish folding laundry, right? Right!

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1. Take a selfie to document our solitude.

Quick, no time for doing hair and makeup, just take the picture and post it. “Alone at last! What should I do?” is our caption. Now, onward!

2. Go to the bathroom.

Alone. Finally.

Don’t feel guilty for enjoying this time instead of going through our checklists.

3. Call our best friend.

Remember, she called us last week (or was it two weeks ago?) and left us that long rambling message. Call her back and indulge in a long, chatty conversation that won’t be interrupted by a child asking for more apple juice or for us to turn on “Paw Patrol.”

4. Give ourselves a pedicure.

Put that phone call on speakerphone and take a pumice stone to those feet, woman! When was the last time we were able to indulge in this treat, and actually getting two coats of polish and a clear coat on every single toe? We don’t remember, do we?

5. Get ourselves to the kitchen and eat ALL THE SNACKS.

Crinkle those bags, crunch those chips or eat the ice cream right out of the container! For once, we don’t have to sneak our snacks!

6. Crank up our jam and dance.

Those songs we don’t play when the kids are around because they have bad words in them? Don’t just play them, blast them and sing along. Hell, get naked if we want to. (Just watch out for our toes.)

7. Finish reading that book, watching that movie or making that craft.

Whatever it is that we put aside the last time we were briefly alone, dig it out and finish it. Savor the pleasure of doing something we love uninterrupted.

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8. Miss our kids a little.

It’s OK, we can miss them. It’s hard sometimes, balancing the fierce love we have for them with the fierce desire to a life—and some time—for ourselves. Don’t feel guilty for enjoying this time instead of going through our checklists. Make the absolute most of it. And when they come home, give them a great big hug and tell them we missed them. The best part of being alone is being reminded why we don’t want to be alone all the time.

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