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8 Ways to Justify Living in Your Yoga Pants

Photograph by Twenty20

Yoga pants.

Some might say it’s the staple item of male excitement. Some might say it’s the staple item of female fitness. The majority of moms would say it’s the wardrobe necessity of choice.

Actually, make that THE wardrobe, period.

For all the teasing a mom’s partner will give her about her varied outfits of black yoga pants, black yoga pants and black yoga pants, these partners don’t understand the pure vitality and life comfort a pair of yoga pants brings. The pure sight of clean yoga pants in a mother’s burgeoning clean laundry pile of is a sight almost as welcome as a child silently sleeping.


So ladies, don’t let people’s negativity around your yoga pants ruin a perfectly great relationship. Think about it, is there any other relationship in which you receive such ease and comfort? Is there any other relationship in which you receive no stress or aggravation? Nope! Even your family cat or dog can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.

So screw the haters, here are just eight reasons to justify all that yoga pant wearing (not that we need reasons):

1. It Eliminates Excessive Laundry

With this reasoning, how can anyone challenge your deeply entrenched desire to live 24/7 in your yoga pants?

Your laundry is already out of control! That threenager who believes every single mood swing deserves a new outfit? Or what about your partner who doesn’t know how to operate the washing machine without breaking it? (Come on, folks! It’s 2017!)

Wearing the same outfit every day downsizes your laundry significantly. It allows you to also avoid heavy dry cleaning expenses because, hello, they're machine washable.

There’s nothing, however, that can be done about your threenager’s pop star outfit changes.

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2. It Reduces Your Internal B*tch Factor

As a mom, life is bound to irritate you. Wearing the luxuriously soft and stretchy comfort of yoga pants instantly eases your clenched mom-jaw and high-volume yelling.

It makes you happy. It makes you tolerate, kid puke, toddler spills, baby nursing rants and preschooler “creativity” that usually means using your most expensive red lipstick as a Crayola on your freshly painted walls.

Yoga pants bring joy! Living in your yoga pants basically means everyone else in your house gets to live.

3. It Means More Sleep

Really, who needs a change of clothes in the morning? If you go to sleep in your yoga pants and roll out of bed in your yoga pants, you’ve just cut down time on the morning routine. This means less yelling at kids to “Get ready for school” or “Eat your breakfast” or “Don’t hit your brother!”

It means you earned an extra FIVE MINUTES OF SLEEP.

This brings you joy, and with this joy, your kids eliminate meeting “the meanest mom EVER.”

If you live in your yoga pants, you’ll never have to change clothes.

4. It Means No Holiday Guilt

While everyone moans and groans about how their pants don’t fit because they dabbled a little too heavy into the cookies and wine, you’ll be comfy and not-too-snug in your yoga pants! They look good and feel good.

OK, so some people debate the fashion vitality and look of yoga pants, but to us it looks damn good and even if it doesn’t, who cares?

5. It Means a Better-Looking Butt

Who needs a better butt when yoga pants can often make your butt look good? All the exercise and sweating—why bother? Just wear yoga pants and breathe a deep sigh of contented relief.

6. It Means Stains Don’t Count

Got a great pair of jeans? Nice. Of course, you know your toddler will spill chocolate milk all over them about an hour into wearing them.

But if you live and breathe in your yoga pants, you can get formula, breast milk, chocolate milk, pizza or any wide variety of childhood stains on your pants and most likely, no one can tell.

They might just look like “shiny yoga pants,” in which case, your fashion factor just moved up by ten notches! Aren’t metallics in these days?

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7. It Means No Outfit Changes

If you live in your yoga pants, you’ll never have to change clothes. And truly, why should you?

Yoga pants work at the gym, at your child’s school—and even at dressy functions! You’ll just have to add a nice top to look like a “fancy” human being.

8. It Saves Money

Wearing your yoga pants each day could have some people view you as some hippie, especially if they start to smell, but purchasing clothes that fit well cost money. Think of all the dollars you’ll save to buy your kids useless toys they’ll break in five minutes rather than wasting it on clothes.

Wearing only yoga pants is truly an act of great love and sacrifice for your whole family! It’s not just about comfort. No, it’s about looking at the big family picture.

And (mostly) avoiding uncomfortable clothes.

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