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Your Best at-Home Blowout Ever

The dictionary may still define blowout as a bursting car tire, but most women would offer a different meaning: full, lustrous, don't-hate-me-because-I'm-beautiful hair. "Salon blowouts are the new manicure," proclaims Gregory Patterson, a hairstylist at Blow, a New York City salon that specializes in the service. "More and more women are realizing that if they come in for a blowout, their hair will be set for several days."

Beyond the functional benefits, there's also a clear psychological boost. "Women show up with dirty hair, kind of blah," says hairstylist Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, a blowout-based salon with locations across the country. "After their blowout, they bop out with a whole new attitude." This may explain why new salons whose main service is blowouts are popping up in city after city.

Of course, not everyone has the time or money to spend in the salon each week—but luckily, as long as you know a few choice techniques, gorgeous hair requires neither. The key to achieving your best blowout at home is tailoring it to two factors: the style you want (super sleek, tousled, or loose waves) and your hair's natural texture (straight or curly). Attach the nozzle to your dryer, then follow these blow-by-blow steps to look (and feel) like you just stepped out of a hair commercial.

Blowout Tips for Straight Hair

Blowout Tips for Tousled Hair

Blowout Tips for Wavy Hair

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Lasting Impression

A blowout saves time only if you can keep it going … and going. Energize yours with these five simple strategies.

Start off Squeaky-Clean

When washing your hair before a blowout, be sure to rinse away your conditioner thoroughly especially at the back of your head. Many blowouts don't last because some of the conditioner is still present, says Patterson.

Preempt Oil Slicks

Dry shampoo is a great way to soak up extra oil at the scalp, but it can also help prevent greasiness. Right after your blowout, massage the powder into your roots. Try Bed Head Tigi Sugar Dust ($18, tigihaircare.com for salons).

Snap out of It

An elastic band will put a crimp in your hair. If you have to pull it back, a jaw clip is gentler and won't leave ridges.

Sleep in a Bun

To avoid bedhead, twist your hair into a big ballerina bun on top of your head and secure it with several U-shaped hairpins. In the morning, pull out the pins and shake out your hair.

Exercise-Proof Your Do

Wear a sweatband along your hairline when you work out. Afterward, swap it for a clean one and let your hair dry in that position. "This will keep the hair at your hairline stretched flat, preventing tiny frizzies," says Patterson. Then restyle just the front.


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