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Create a Thanksgiving Banner of Gratitude

Sometimes, among all the turkeys and pies and Plymouth reenactments, the true meaning of Thanksgiving gets a little lost. Yes, eating good food and watching football is great, but you just have to look at the name of the holiday to really know what it's all about: giving thanks. Help your kids learn this lesson with an easy, fun activity that you'll be proud to display.

For this project, all you need is string, clothespins or tape, scissors, a marker and the printable leaf template. Click here to see a 15-second video of the project being put together.

Print out as many sheets of leaves as you'll need, and every day leading up to Thanksgiving give your kids one leaf each. On it, have them write something they are thankful for (you can provide a little help!). You'll also need to loop some string across a doorway or up on a wall. Every day, after your kid writes their item of gratitude, tape or pin it to the string. As the holiday approaches, the string—and your home—will continue to be filled with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Click to download and print the leaf template

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