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Dear People of the World, Not All Moms Love Coffee!

Photograph by Twenty20

I scroll through my Instagram feed every morning and notice almost half of the memes I see are all about coffee. Apparently women, especially moms, love their hot java and they can't live without it. They need it and aren't functional until the magic mommy juice touches their lips in the morning. Some run on it all day. There are enticing images of women wearing big sunnies holding a latte with double whip. Some pretending (or maybe they are serious?) to drink it right from the pot.

Commercials on TV are flooded with coffee in all forms: coffee ice cream, coffee milkshakes, chocolate-covered espresso beans. There's iced coffee, caramel macchiatos, and coffee laced with crushed cookies. You can even add flavor shots because apparently a cup of coffee solo isn't enough.

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Coffee is so trendy, you can't get away from it. I mean, have you ever driven by a Starbucks without wondering if there is a famous person inside signing autographs? I've witnessed people suffering from a severe case of road rage if the person in front of them doesn't order their drink fast enough.

But guess what? Not all moms love coffee.

Myself, included.

I know some say life without coffee isn't a life.

I love the smell of coffee, but I don't like the taste. I've tried it many times, in many ways. I've been told it's an acquired taste, but my taste buds aren't having it—and I know I'm not alone. It's not a moral thing, it's not a religious thing and it certainly isn't an "I'm off caffeine thing." It just doesn't do it for me. So clearly not all moms need coffee to get through their day.

However, we do need something to keep ourselves in survival mode, and, believe it or not, there are other sources. My daily routine of sucking back Diet Coke or iced tea isn't as classy as a Starbucks cup or nice big mug of piping hot coffee, but when it comes down to it, if I feel my self needing a pick-me-up first thing in the morning—and again late in the afternoon—I really don't care how it happens.

I know some say life without coffee isn't a life. There's even a National Coffee Day. People need it like they need sunshine and water. Just look down the street, there's a coffee shop or cafe on every corner, and for good reason— people are addicted. I'm just starting to feel a bit left out. Could we lay off the coffee-obsessed memes for a bit?

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Don't forget about the tea-loving moms, the soda suckers of the world, or those crazed energy-drink drinkers who can pound a Red Bull like it's their job. I'm starting to get a complex, and frankly, I think it's time to start a non-coffee-drinker club. I doubt it'll be as hip, but still, don't we deserve a day, too?

We might be in the minority, but we still like to sit and talk to our friends in Starbucks, we just have our hands wrapped around a cake pop instead of a hot cup of joe.

Soda, energy drinks, coffee or tea: It's all magic. It all gets the job done, and we love it.

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