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Giraffe Pancakes


Plain pancake batter (get the recipe here)

Natural yellow food coloring

Natural brown food coloring

Two squeeze bottles (or plastic bags)

Chocolate chips


1. Split the batter into two parts in two separate bowls, one portion about four times larger than the other. Add yellow food coloring to the smaller portion; this will serve as the outline for your giraffe. Add brown food coloring to the other portion for the details. Transfer the batter into two separate squeeze bottles.

2. First, draw the outlines of the giraffe, including the body, head, tail, and legs, with the yellow batter. Fill the body and legs with intersecting lines. The space you create will allow you to fill these in later with the brown batter. Let the outline sit for a few moments, cooking it thoroughly. Fill in the head completely.

3. After letting the outline cook for about 30 seconds to retain its shape, fill in the rest of the body and legs with the brown batter. Also use the brown batter to put an end on the tail and make the giraffe’s two horns. Let the batter cook for a little while before flipping the giraffe. Let it cook a little more before plating it.

4. Place the tail on the plate, set the body down gently, and place the head and legs overlapping the body. Add chocolate chips for eyes and devour the giraffe like a lion on the Serengeti would. Lions use syrup, right?

From OMG Pancakes!

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