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Women Should Never Fight in War

I’m all for equal rights for both genders, but this whole women-allowed-to-be-on-the-front-lines-in-combat thing is a bit much. Women don’t fight; that’s for barbaric brutes who can’t use their language skills to communicate effectively. I want to meet the first woman to ask for this so-called privilege and ask her how she bumped her head.

Why would any woman want to fight in combat? Don’t tell me it’s so that we can prove that we are equal to men. First of all, we are NOT equal to men, we are far superior as proven day-by-day as we juggle the weight of this world with our own personal hopes and dreams while being the portals to life and being forced to wear bras. That’s torture enough; don’t give me a gun and tell me to go kill a stranger too.

We are already at war within ourselves as we strive to define our lives amidst a culture that wants to make the decisions for us.

Men beat their bodies into submission and pursue world domination to attract women. In every movie you’ve ever seen, what does the guy who wins the battle get? He gets a woman. Even in the Bible a man’s desire to succumb to a woman’s wishes changed the fate of mankind forever. Men fight wars because of us, we do not fight alongside them. We are already at war within ourselves as we strive to define our lives amidst a culture that wants to make the decisions for us. Please don’t make us fight your battles too.

Allow me to be clear, women CAN take the lead in combat situations but we don’t need to. We are physically and mentally capable of standing alongside the big boys in camouflage yet our innate skills are more subtle and palpable.

There are more effective ways women can help the military. Instead of using women in combat allow us to:

1. Use our intuition as intelligence officers to develop strategies for achieving goals

2. Send us in as spies to uncover the perceived enemy’s secrets

3. Organize and maintain the tools and equipment men need for combat

We can lay the groundwork to help you win your war, as always offering the guidance you need to succeed, yet our presence on the front lines is wholly unnecessary.

But then again, if a woman stands up and says she WANTS to fight and you value your sanity and peace of mind, you had better let her have her way!

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