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It's Ridiculous for Men to 'Experiment' With Being a Woman For a Day

When I heard about Marty and Nicole, the two colleagues who traded names at the end of their emails to conduct an experiment at work, I wasn't surprised by the results. In case you missed it, Nicole had one of the easiest weeks of her life, while Marty said, "Everything I asked or suggested was questioned," and he felt like he was in hell.

He had no idea what a day in the life of a woman at work was really like. He was used to being a man, and being ignored and mansplained to death was novel to him.

And he wasn't the first man to want to get a snapshot into what life may be like as a woman.

How about the men who get hooked up to machines that simulate labor? They are quoted as saying they never want to go through it again.

There are men who have tried walking around with a fake pregnant belly, so they can figure out what that's like, to.. Most men said they just wanted to lie down the entire time and of course questioned, "Why would you do this more than once?" Of course the answer to that is because our children are worth it.

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And how about the men lugging around breasts all day?

They all want to know why we do it—the labor, the pregnancies, the breasts, AND the oppression

Hey, here's a newsflash men: Women do it because we can handle it.

Going to work nine months pregnant is just something we do.

Badass single moms work while raising awesome children because they know what they have to do—and they do it well.

Getting a to-do list done before breakfast is a gene women are born with.

Throw a wrench in our plans? We can deal.

Try to bring us down because you don't think we are capable? I dare you.

Get us riled up, go ahead, then get the hell out of the way.

Pregnant or not, boobs or not, equality within the workplace or not, women have been—and always will be—the toughest, multifaceted creatures who will ever walk this earth. Just look at all the successful women, then look at all the people around you.

That's right. We did that. Us, the women of the world.

Women have been oppressed since the beginning of time, and we still show up every day and get shit done with one hand tied behind our back.

I've yet to see a woman walk around with something between her legs all day so she can get a feel for what it's like to be a man—I'm not kidding, I just Googled it and nothing.

Not only do we have better things to do, we take a man's word for it if he says trying to get his manhood to cooperate all day is a difficult job. We might say things like, " Try birthing a child" or "Try bleeding for a week every month," though.

So why do men have to do ridiculous stunts like this? Why can't they take a woman's word for it and realize our lives are, in fact, very different and in many ways, harder?

And more importantly, why do some of them feel it's okay to continue to treat women as if we are less-than—less intelligent, less capable, less worthy?

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Women have been oppressed since the beginning of time, and we still show up every day and get shit done with one hand tied behind our back. This in itself makes us strong.

We know what we are up against, and whether a man experiences what it's really like to be a woman or not, we could care less. It's old news.

Sorry you had a hard time, Martin, but this is our normal. Bring it on and watch us go after our dreams, birth babies, and change the world anyway.

And to all the men of the world who have tried to be a woman for a day or a week by changing your name or hooking your body up to a machine, the real thing kicks your experiments in the ass.

And the real thing doesn't slow us down at all.

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Image via Three Pregnant Dads

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