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15 Salty Snacks Under 150 Calories

1. Four-ounce snack-size container of low-fat cottage cheese: 81 calories, 459 mg of sodium

2. Salted cashews (16 nuts): 147 calories, 77 mg of sodium

3. One and a half cups of edamame in pods: 150 calories, 45 mg of sodium

4. Two and a half cups of oil-popped popcorn: 138 calories, 243 mg of sodium

5. A quarter of an avocado (80 calories, 4 mg of sodium) topped with one tablespoon salted sunflower seeds (47 calories, 33 mg of sodium): 127 calories, 37 mg of sodium

6. Thirteen Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Dipping Chips (130 calories, 93 mg of sodium) with two tablespoons of salsa (15 calories, 210 mg of sodium): 145 calories, 303 mg of sodium

7. One slice of whole wheat bread (100 calories, 130 mg of sodium) smeared with one tablespoon of hummus (35 calories, 60 mg of sodium): 135 calories, 190 mg of sodium

8. One ounce of Snyder's Organic Honey Wheat pretzels: 130 calories, 210 mg of sodium

9. One Horizon Organic Mozzarella String Cheese Stick (80 calories, 170 mg of sodium) paired with 6 Kashi TLC Pita Chips (65 calories, 98 mg of sodium): 145 calories, 268 mg of sodium

10. Salted almonds (22 nuts): 143 calories, 81 mg of sodium

11. One Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cake (70 calories, 55 mg of sodium) smeared with one ounce of garden vegetable cream cheese (82 calories, 146 mg of sodium): 152 calories, 201 mg of sodium

12. One and a half cups of Pacific Organic Creamy Butternut Squash soup: 135 calories, 825 mg of sodium

13. One slice of cheddar cheese (113 calories, 174 mg of sodium) paired with two Health Valley Organic Whole Wheat Crackers (35 calories, 85 mg of sodium): 148 calories, 259 mg of sodium

14. 15 Whole Wheat Triscuit Thin Crisps (130 calories, 180 g of sodium) and four green olives (20 calories, 192 mg of sodium): 150 calories, 372 mg of sodium

15. One ounce of Barbara's Bakery Baked Cheese Puffs: 150 calories, 200 mg of sodium


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