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How to Decorate a LEGO Bedroom

Imagine the look of surprise on your little guy's face when you surprise him with a Lego-themed bedroom. If your kiddo is absolutely crazy about Lego, you can transform his special space and incorporate the Lego theme into every aspect of the decorating. By the time you're done, your kiddo will be the envy of every Lego-loving child in the neighborhood!


You can incorporate the Lego theme into the floors of your youngster's room without any major renovations. Rather than replacing the current flooring, cover it up with interlocking, multi-color foam mats. If your kiddo is prone to allergies, the foam mats can be placed over hardwood and laminate flooring to provide a layer of cushioning for playtime. The mats can be removed easily for cleaning and placed back on the floor in minutes. If you're placing the mats over carpet, the foam provides extra cushion for rough play and horsing around. One more enticing bonus: If a section of the foam mat gets ruined, simply remove the single piece and replace!

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While your fingers may already be itching to pull out the buckets of paint when you think about transforming your kiddo's room into the Lego land of her dreams, try to keep the overall ambience of the room in mind. You want your youngster's bedroom to provide her with a calm and soothing environment, and you'll accomplish that best with neutral colors and pops of accent colors throughout, recommends Barbara Miller, an interior designer who works with schools, libraries and families in Portland, Oregon, to help nurture children through their environment. Choose one wall of the room and cover it with a wall size Lego block mural, or unleash your artistic side and paint the wall of blocks by yourself. Paint the remaining walls of the room in a neutral color that compliments the room's color scheme. By focusing the pop of color on just one wall, it will also stand out as the centerpiece of your decorating.

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Even a fastidiously decorated bedroom can end up looking like a pig sty in a flash without some careful storage planning. If you've ever stepped on a little piece of Lego with bare feet, you already know how hazardous those innocent looking toys can become. Fortunately, you can keep all the little toys and gadgets contained and maintain the theme of the room at the same time with Lego-shaped storage boxes that stack and lock the same way as the Lego toys. If you're looking for storage on a budget, incorporate wall-mounted or free-standing shelving units, but always bolt free-standing units to the wall to avoid climbing hazards, advises Kim Estes, a child safety expert in Redmond, Washington. Fill the shelves with colorful square or rectangular toy bins, and the storage instantly fits in with the Lego theme of the room. You can also combine storage and artwork together by hanging thin display shelves to hold some of your kiddo's completed Lego creations.


While your kiddo may love everything Lego, there are probably a few favorite sets he's built. You can turn those favorites into artwork for him to show off all the time. Have him assemble the Lego structure and then glue the bottom of it to the inside of a shadow box or 3-D picture frame. Put the glass cover back on the frame and hang the completed artwork on the wall. You can also hang Lego-themed wall stickers, or if you've been gifted with an artistic flare, paint a small Lego scene on a wall. Get your kiddo involved in the decorating and have him draw or paint Lego-themed pictures to hang on the wall too. Fill a multi-shelf display case with rows of miniature Lego figures to complete the wall art.

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