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How to Fluff Out Stuffed Animal Hair After Washing

If your child plays hard, it’s likely her favorite stuffed animal is right by her side collecting germs, dust and grime. Keeping plush and stuffed toys clean and fresh is necessary to prevent germs from infecting your entire household. After hand-washing or a spin through the rinse cycle, though, stuffed animals tend to look flat and disfigured. Restore Teddy or Panda with fluffing techniques to ensure they sparkle and shine like a brand new toy.

Dryer Fluffing

Keep your child’s favorite stuffed toy clean and fluffy with a tumble in the dryer. Leslie Reichert, cleaning coach and author of “The Joy of Green Cleaning,” recommends removing any clothing or accessories that will melt before fluff drying. “Find a fabric bag big enough for the stuffed animals and place them in the dryer for 10 minutes,” she recommends. “The heat from the dryer will also kill all dust mites.”

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Heated Styling

Allow your child to primp and prep her prized possession with your hair styling tools. Use a comb to remove any tangles from the stuffed animal and dry with a handheld hair dryer. Comb or brush through Teddy’s hair while drying to ensure the fur dries according to his original style. Fluff as needed with your fingers or a round brush.

Towel Dry

After taking a tumble in the washer, fluff out teddy’s hair with an old-fashioned towel dry. Rub the stuffed animal down with a large towel to remove excess water and comb hair while still damp. Let the treasured toy air-dry, occasionally rubbing again with a towel to smooth down rough spots Reichert suggests. Once dry, brush again to style as needed.

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Steam Fluff

Fluff out Teddy’s hair with an intense cleaning session. Simply use a steam cleaner to remove dirt and use the brush accessory to fluff out his clean exterior once you’ve spot cleaned your child’s stuffed friend.


Give your child’s stuffed animal some va-voom with household appliances Reichert advises. Fluff out stuffed monkeys, pandas and teddy bears by vacuuming with the drapery nozzle. The suction will help fluff and smooth the stuffed toy’s fur. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner (regular or handheld) to fluff out the toy to its original state.

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