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Comforters and Bedding for Teen Girls

If your young gal is still sleeping beneath her preteen or childhood comforter, it may be time for a little bedroom makeover. The teen years herald in a new phase of life, and your more mature daughter has her own sense of style now. Help her show off her unique personality with brand new bedding that sets the tone of the room.

Choosing a Style

By the teenage years, your daughter has probably outgrown her love affair with cutesy cartoon characters and developed her own personal idea of style and taste. Use her new-found interests as a guide when selecting the perfect comforter and bedding for her room. If she loves everything posh and luxurious, consider a bedding set made of soft, rich fabrics, intricate tone-on-tone embroidery and an abundance of pillows. If she's more of a minimalist, find a set with smooth, clean lines and little-to-no pattern. You may even want to consider a thick, warm blanket instead of a plush comforter to suit this inconspicuous style. If your daughter hasn't yet abandoned her love of cutesy and girly things, take advantage of her youth-loving style and indulge in floral or princess patterns and baby-soft fabrics, and complete it all with a teddy bear or two on top suggests "Room for Children: Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play" by Susanna Salk and Kelly Wearstler.

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Color Choices

You've probably noticed that the colors your teenager prefers now are not the same colors she preferred as a younger child. It's common, and even predictable, for a child's color preferences to change over the years, reports the International Center for Leadership in Education. While young children prefer bright, primary colors, by the time they reach their early- to middle-teen years, they generally pull toward deeper, richer colors, such as hunter green, navy blue and deep violet.

While it's important to keep these color preferences in mind when choosing bedding, the colors in a room create the ambiance as well and can even influence your kiddo's mood. Researchers at the International Center for Leadership in Education report that colors such as turquoise, magenta and sandstone encourage relaxation, while indigo and yellow create an energetic environment. Orange and violet inspire creativity, while lavender, peach and medium brown are harmonious colors, the researchers say.

One more important consideration when choosing colors for your teenager is whether she'll be sharing her room with a sibling. "Choosing a different color for their bedding helps [children] feel more ownership even in a shared space," says interior designer Barbara Miller, who works with schools and libraries in Portland, Oregon.

Special Photo Bedding

Create a custom photo blanket for your teen that she will cherish for years to come. If she's the social butterfly of her peer group, make the blanket from pictures of all her favorite friends. If she's particularly partial to one special friend, find a picture of the two of them together and make the blanket from one single photo or a collage of all their special times together caught on camera. You can surprise her with the blanket if you have plenty of pictures on hand, but you may have to get her involved if you're making a blanket of all her friends at school. Start by collecting all the pictures you'd like to use -- often you can fit up to 30 different medium-size photos on a collage blanket -- and then plan the collage design for the blanket by arranging the photos on a large, flat surface. Take the pictures to a photo gift professional or upload the photos to the retailer online and voila -- your work is done.

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Heartfelt and Handmade

You and your teenage daughter have years of wonderful memories together -- and probably a whole lot of memorabilia to show for those years, too. Baby clothing and blankets you couldn't part with, handmade sweaters from Grandma, and T-shirts and other tokens from family vacations; all the supplies you need for a comforter that will remind your teen of all the good moments while she's fuming over her latest grounding. If you're handy with a sewing machine, go ahead and patch the pieces together on your own. However, if your sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day since that hapless hemming accident five years ago, enlist the help of a seamstress to put together this heartfelt room accessory that is certain to become a lifetime treasure.

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