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Easter Craft Craziness Part 2: Chalk Eggs

Our second installment of amazing Easter egg decorating projects is just a tiny bit trickier than the first—and a lot more entertaining for the older set.

For this project, you need eggs (hard-boiled will do), chalk paint (we used Martha Stewart's new line), paintbrushes, chalk and a few pieces of construction paper or an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll.

Start by painting the eggs with the chalk paint. Make your own egg holder to use while you paint by rolling a piece of construction paper in a circle or cutting the paper towel or toilet paper roll into one to two inch segments. This homemade egg holder will keep your egg nice and steady when you paint the top part of the egg. Then, once it dries, turn it over and paint the bottom while the top rests in the holder. Go for two coats of paint on each side—this will create the best drawing surface.

Finally, it's time to grab some pieces of chalk and get to work! Once the eggs are totally dry, you and your kids can doodle all over them. Make a mistake? That's fine, the chalk is totally erasable! This is also great for kids who have more design ideas than there are eggs—they can draw on the same egg over and over.

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