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Easter Craft Craziness Part 3: Cascarónes

Traditionally used in Mexico during Carnival, cascarónes are starting to make their way past the border—and we couldn't be more excited. These hollowed-out eggs are filled with glitter, sequins or anything else beautiful, then the outsides are decorated. Having one broken over your head is said to bring good luck. Here's the (surprisingly easy) way to make them:

First, gather your supplies. You'll need raw eggs, a pin, filling for the eggs (glitter, confetti and sprinkles all work well), ripped-up colored tissue paper, Mod Podge (we used their new sparkle line, which has glitter in the glue) and sponge brushes for papier-mâché.

Prepare the eggs by poking a hole on one end with a pin. Then, flip it over and on the other end create a dime-size hole to pour the yolk and white out through. Then carefully rinse out the insides of the eggs with water. Dry the shells by placing them on a paper towel with the bigger hole facing down.

Once your eggs are ready, start filling them up! Pour in whatever combination of sparkly fun you like best. Fun idea: Fill up one entirely with gold glitter. Whoever gets that one broken over their head will have extra good luck!

Once your eggs are filled, move on to papier-mâché. Simply place the small pieces of tissue paper on the egg (start by covering the larger hole) and using your sponge brush and Mod Podge to paste on the paper. You can use the same egg holder that you used with the chalk egg (a rolled strip of construction paper or a small section of a paper towel or toilet paper roll) to keep the egg steady while you work on one end.

After your eggs are dried, it's time to play! It might feel hard to break something that you worked so hard to make, but trust us—it's totally worth it.

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