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Toddler Talk: Easter Egg Hunting

Growing up, Easter was this high-energy, high-stakes holiday where we'd run around our cousins' backyard with a gaggle of neighborhood kids, racing to find bright, shiny eggs peeking out of lilac bushes and lodged in rock clusters. From the woods to the swing set, no ground was untouched by five-inch footprints and grabby hands.

Fast-forward 20 years, and Noah's Easter is much different. He doesn't have any siblings yet, and his only cousin just learned the art of head control. While we can (and probably will) find community Easter egg hunts to join, there's something about that at-home hunt with aunts and cousins and friends cheering you on. But what kind of Easter activity is as engaging and exciting to an only child?

One day he'll have a neighborhood full of friends to peek through bushes and competitively fill his basket, but until then we've come up with a different idea:

The Great Easter Egg Mission for One

Noah alternates between playing superheroes and pirates, so his imagination heavily depends on missions or "assignments." With that in mind, we're creating an elaborate hunt all over the house using secret clues. He'll open an egg, hear the clue, and have to find the next egg hidden somewhere in the house—and on and on until he finds his Easter basket, completing his mission. The treasure!

We're even making a map for him to follow (because, hello?, of course he needs a map for his mission).

Have you done an Easter Egg Hunt for one? What are some of YOUR ideas?

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